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RE: Bitcoin energy consumption and media spinning

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I totally agree with you regarding banks. They're not stupid. They were meant for making money and they will do that forever. The difference between them and normal people is that they adapt very easy. That utopia with bitcoin destroying banks and giving power back in the hands of the people is just a utopia and nothing more. The ones who ow the banks and almost every company on earth ( they're not many by the way) will never allow such freedom on earth because they will loose the power so in my opinion Banks will stick around long time from now. They will just adjust the way they play the game.


Meant for making money and they will do that forever, so crypto is going to hit banking system?

Or banks will hit crypto...

They will coexist together, I am sure...

That's considerable

So both stand a 50-50 change then :p

Already are, ever heard of FedCoin? Yes, this is real and apparently they're going to destroy crypto forever by having a government version.

Will this work? Honestly, I don't think so but dad told me they're looking to shut down crypto forever just so we don't just get money for free and untax us crypto lovers.

Nobody will shut down crypto, but they will tax it until it becomes an actual currency.

True, but there is claims that it will crash as soon as FedCoin comes into picture. (I don't think it will, but hey that's what they're stating)

When will FedCoin come into the arena?

Not sure yet. They don't got a full ETA about it yet but apparently It's on the way.

Way my dad stated about it, it's going to be in July of this year. Not totally sure about that, so don't quote me unless it happens. LOL

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