350 Spanish Lawmakers Are Now Testing "The New Money", aka Bitcoin

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BTC is getting main stream, somehow palpable we could say, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto was, or is, a one person first crypto inventor, or it's a group or people or some secret agency, it doesn't really matter that much. The concept of the new money of the 21 century, and new finance is here, makes much more sense than the current financial system and it's here to stay.

Otherwise you wouldn't have 350 members of the Spanish Parliament given 1 euro each worth of BTC to learn about it. I know... one euro per person worth of BTC is just a few sats, but it's the signs of disruption that this news is about, rather than the value itself. It's crystal clear, at least in my opinion, that cryptcurrencies are here to stay, that stores of value are changing, currencies are changing, new types of assets have emerged and thrived along with the old ones, and that's just the wind breeze preceding the storm that's yet to come.

"The objective of both is to make the Spanish political class aware of the transcendental role that cryptocurrencies are playing in the transformation of the economy and society."


Governments have played quite nasty the role of accepting, becoming aware, and promoting cryptocurrencies and esepcecially BTC, but it was clear for me that they'll ultimately start using it and get educated about it. Otherwise they would have banned the shit out of it looong time ago, and the ones that banned it will suffer the most imo. I called them nasty because now they call BTC "the new money" after pretending to be ignoring it for so many years and even trying to portray it as a threat to world economies, banks and local currencies. Tell that to Venezuela...

"It is not a donation. Probably many of your Lordships already have some experience in the use of cryptocurrencies, but we would like that those who are not yet familiar with the new money, have the opportunity to get in touch with it."
Miguel Caballero, founder of this Sapnish campaign

The campaign is actually a replica of the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) that organized a similar campaign for the Members of the United States Congress, except that those were given donations worth $50 in BTC.

Now, I tend to believe that quite a few both Spanish and American lawmakers have already had their experience with cryptocurrencies and some are even probably stacking sats for years now. They simply don't go on TV talking about that. Dumb money do that, they get to FOMO and FUD wasting life savings and staying poor despite finding about crypto since years ago. Smart money, lawmakers including as well, are observing trends and act accordingly hence being always a step ahead.

Witnessing the world wide financial, spiritual and health crisis it is crystal clear how well BTC fits in the new world after the dawns of the old one. Money as we know it will definitely never be the same in a few years from now, economies will change dramatically, earning ones living, paying taxes, storing and transferring wealth all over the world will be totally different as well.

Hence if you know about crypto, own some, talk about crypto and somehow manage to earn it, you're damn lucky and one of a few.

Don't waste this chance!

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