my earnings are in bitcoin.

in bitcoin •  last year

earn more in bitcoin. And the result is very satisfying to reach 200,000 per day, very powerful. for almost a month I did that before finally cointellect itself into a scam. and the result alhamdulillah collected about nineblas million rupiah when I change into the rupiah currency. and i withdraw to my atm and i make buy a smartphone. that's my success story to be bitcoiner, so the key is intelligence and often searching about bitcoin whether it's from forums, blogs, websites or friends, the point is not easy to give up. maybe that's a little tips from me. hopefully this post is useful for the readers. thanks .


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I really like this post absary!

Ini ngapain bro? Ga ada keterangan lanjut? Misalnya terkait bisnis apa. Berapa keuntungan. Cara windral dari dan ke btc?