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In the process of trying to learn about cryptocurriencies, I just came across this video: (I have put screen shots below)

In the video the author is reporting on a forum entry he found from Aug 2, 2017 where an unknown person is warning about a plan to destroy Bitcoin and replace it with Bitcoin Cash. What I found particularly interesting was that this person said segwit 2x wouldn't happen. This was back at the beginning of August.

These are screen shots of the forum entry on the video:

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.36.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.36.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.36.54 AM.png

The link at https://imgur.com/a/FcZIp reveals this:

The entry from the wayback machine can be found here https://web.archive.org/web/20170802142535/https://pastebin.com/n0aGBMQr

As I mentioned up front, I'm in the process of trying to learn this stuff, so I have no idea if there is any merit here, but thought I'd put it out there to see what people who have experience might know or think about this. And I suppose if there is truth to it, anyone who sees this can act accordingly.

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Thanks for posting this, I'll check it out and give my thought on it



honestly, am also naive of what is going on with BTCH ATH.thanks for sharing anyways.


Hopefully someone who has some info will see and comment. Thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you very much for sharing this!
A week ago, a person I know told me to BUY BCH, but I didn't gave him much attention since i didn't understand why ... well today I know, at least I bought when it was ~800$.
We live in very exciting times, the whole cryptocurrency-sphere is so young, but this feels like a very big war lol. Is this a big conspiracy? Or what is happening? I can't find the right words to describe this feeling I have.
Well, once I will tell my children how the big 'BTC-BCH fight' was back then and they will read about it in history books in school.


I feel like my head is spinning trying to figure out what's going on.