Please Recommend Films For Our Bitfilm Festival!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

We have organised two editions of the Bitfilm Festival with a special focus on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology so far. Now we need to decide whether to do it again, and you can help us with this! 

Please recommend a film that fits the topic and that you consider worthwhile showing.

Of course it may be a film that you made yourself. But you can also just recommend a film that you like. We will only accept films about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Their lenght, format or genre do not matter.

We have reserved a cinema in Berlin for September 13th for the kick-off event and we will cooperate with local organisers in several cities to set up their own events, as we successfully did in the last years.

But first we need to find the best movies! Please support us!

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Hello! I am new to steemit and I am an avid film fan. I'd love to help contribute to your film community

Appreciated & upvoted. Please upvote my posts as well.

Interesting, upvoted! and Resteemed.

Sound interesting, I will think about that, 100% upvoted @chanthasa

Resteemed :-)

Yeah, very cool! Anything to promote the crypto world. Resteemed.