Interview with Captain Drakins

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Captain Drakins' Bitcoin Show will go live today on Here is my interview with its host, the lucky dragon and pirate Captain Drakins.

What is Captain Drakins’ Bitcoin Show?

It’s a show for everybody who wants to know more about Bitcoin. In every episode of about two minutes length we focus on one aspect, be it exchanging Bitcoin for conventional money, selling products and services, or travelling on Bitcoin. We explain everything in an easily understandable and entertaining way, for normal people who have no idea about cryptography or economics.

When and where can I watch it?

The first episode will be launched on August 16th, 2016, on Then there will be a new episode every month.

What is your background?

I have worked for several years as a stand-up comedian, but I have studied Austrian economics with Jesús Huerta de Soto at the University of Madrid, so I know what I am talking about. 

So are you Spanish? Or Austrian?

No, I am an Englishman, with some Welsh and Chinese blood in my veins. The Austrian School of Economics was founded in Vienna, but it’s a global phenomenon today. For me it provides the best insight into how the economy and the monetary system work.

And who is your assistant?

It’s Nick the Parrat - a genetic crossing of a rat and a parrot. He has the body and tail of a rat, but the wings, legs and voice of a parrot. Nick has no idea about economics, so he talks a lot of nonsense about capitalism, but he is a nice bloke and will hopefully learn something from me.

How does a typical show look like?

Our studio is built inside an old pirate ship, it uses the latest technology, but it looks cozy and old-fashioned. We have a big screen on which we show animations that visualise the things we explain. For each episode we work with a different team of animators, so each episode has its own unique look and feel. Of course in two minutes, which is the maximum attention span of a typical Internet user, we cannot go into detail, but people will get a good idea of a specific aspect of Bitcoin.

Which audience are you addressing?

Our main target group are young people who care about social justice and a fair distribution of wealth. These are undoubtedly good motivations, but if you don't understand how the economy works, you might suggest the wrong methods - like government regulations and interventions into the free market. We want to show that a financial system like Bitcoin that works without mighty middlemen such as banks or governments is best for "making the world a better place".

Who is sponsoring your show?

Bitalo has sponsored the first four episodes and will sponsor more, as they are offering a wide range of Bitcoin related services, such as a marketplace, a decentralised exchange and a Bitcoin based AirBnB. Each of the first four episodes covers an area in which they are active. So it's not classical advertising, the main focus lies on explaining a certain topic. The sponsor's products or services appear in the show in a subtle and natural way. As Bitalo obviously does not cover all aspects of Bitcoin, we are open for other companies to sponsor more episodes. So for an episode that explains how Bitcoin mining works, a cloud mining service would be the perfect sponsor - that's a very efficient and credible way to reach potential clients. 

And who is the production company?

Bitfilm Production, the world’s leading production house for explainer videos for all things Bitcoin and Blockchain, which has already created videos for Coloured Coins, Genesis Mining, Omni, Mycelium, KnC Miner,, Tauchain and many other Bitcoin and Blockchain companies.

They work with an international network of animators, so the animations of our first episodes have been made in India, Poland and Argentina.

Anything else you want to add?

ARRRRRRGGGH! (Spits fire)

The world premiere of Captain Drakins' Bitcoin Show will take place at Bitcoin Exchange Berlin on August 16th at 7 pm CET. If you happen to be in Berlin, you are cordially invited!


Super excellent to find this post on Steemit 10 months later. I found it researching water and cryptocurrency. Bitfilm, givetrack, and bitgive are all wonderful. And I'm happy to find Captain Drakins! ahha

Cool photographs man. Love it @aaronkoenig

Nice way to spread the word about Bitcoin

awesome editing

Funny par-rat ;)

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