Encrypted paper wallets containing both BCC and BTC. Is your paper wallet encrypted? Here's how to get the BCC.

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There are guides around for retrieving your BCC from a wallet which held BTC on the day of the fork. These guides found elsewhere on the net don't seem to work if your paper wallet is encrypted.

Here are the step-by-step instructions. I initially posted these on another website before I moved to Steem. It's not plagarism.

These are the steps I followed several times for several paper wallets.

Before starting, make sure to remove your BTC, leaving only the BCC on your paper wallet. Also make sure you have an electron wallet ready to receive BCC, not BTC.

It worked. So for the benefit of others who hold an encrypted paper wallet, these are the steps to follow to get the Private key for your encrypted wallet, and then to extract your BCC Bitcoin cash from your paper wallet.

  1. Go to bitaddress.org

  2. Click on wallet details

  3. Enter your private key as you see it on your paper wallet (I could not find a way to scan the QR code, so I had to enter it manually.

  4. Click on BIP38 Passphrase

  5. Enter the passphrase you used to encrypt your paper wallet

  6. Click on Decrypt BIP38

  7. Scroll down, and you will see several Private keys. Only one of them worked for me. It was the second-last starting with letter 'K'.

  8. Copy the private key starting with the letter 'K'

  9. Go to the Electron Cash wallet that you already set up to receive Bitcoin cash (Care: make sure it is a wallet set up to receive BCC not BTC).

  10. Click on Wallet, Private keys, Sweep

  11. Paste the Private key beginning with the letter 'K'

  12. Click 'Sweep'

  13. A window pops up called 'Transaction'. Click on 'Broadcast', then 'OK'

  14. You should see a message like 'Amount received: 1299.35824 mBCC. In my case I had 1.29960224 BCC on the paper wallet. The difference between the two numbers is no doubt the fee.

  15. Click Save.

  16. Return to the Electron Cash window. Click on history. You should see the incoming BCC, marked as 'unconfirmed'

  17. Now you can transfer your BCC to another wallet of your choice.

  18. Click on 'Send'

  19. Enter the public key address of the wallet or exchange where you want to send the BCC. Enter a description if you wish, e,g, "transfer from electron cash to btc.com"

  20. Click on 'Max' to send all the BCC

  21. Click 'Send', and enter the password, if you set one up on your electron cash wallet.

  22. Check your new wallet to see if it arrived. You may have a long wait before it is "Confirmed". I see some places expect 20 confirmations before confirming a BCC transaction. That could take quite a while.



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