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The UK's quickest developing provider and administrator of Bitcoin ATM's Expanding on the accomplishment of our Crypto ATMs in the UK, BCB ATM are building a biological community offering token holders an assortment of utilities, for example, limits and rewards when utilizing our very own Climb Blockchain, BCB Wallet and trade administrations by means of BCB Exchange.


BCB ATM, presently the UK's biggest supplier of Bitcoin ATMs, is conveying advanced monetary forms to the nearby high road, making Bitcoin and different digital currencies simple and open for individuals everything being equal. The improvement of computerized money is the most energizing thing to happen to cash since the presentation of the promissory note and whenever tackled legitimately will convey opportunity to those needing to purchase/move, buy, contribute or exchange money. We are making a genuinely transnational system, giving access to back to everybody anyplace and whenever. c95c2d38c321b919243e7ee24f1580adf3fbb9cf.png

What's more, we intend to profit by the amazing development of advanced cash with a decided arrangement to introduce and work more than 3,000 machines over the UK and Europe, just as build up the most secure multi-money, multi-crypto portable application, utilizing its very own restrictive blockchain innovation so that by 2023 every monetary action should be possible much more safely, in a flash and moving. Our system will be more secure than any saving money framework. Our blockchain will act naturally policing, always refreshing, with a database that is honest and particularly straightforward. What's more, with our ATMs individuals will most likely embrace exchanges, crosswise over outskirts inside seconds and without outsider obstruction. Putting resources into BCB ATM presently offers the opportunity to partake in this emotional advancement.

The TreasurerThe Treasurer is a high secure vault that stores all cryptos on the server. The Treasurer collaborates just with Rise Blockchain by means of a private convention, which is composed just for the Treasurer. Each ace hub will have encoded piece of the Treasurer reinforcement. Because of the Storj framework should the Treasurer go disconnected or, in the impossible occasion, executed – each ace hub will consolidate parts of Treasurer and run another server once more. This tech will be driven by Mixture.
New ATM designOur ATMs utilize progressive new ideas of the customary Bitcoin ATM. Utilizing BCB Glass I, will give an exhaustive comprehension of the present execution of the BCB ATMs to aid the assessment just as basic leadership dependent on cutting edge investigation. These abilities give officials a key preferred standpoint when reacting to and overseeing self-benefit systems.
The ground-breaking announcing instruments in the BCB Glass I stage will enable entrepreneurs to flawlessly make reports and give a rich client encounter


  • The BCB wallet is Secure and Portable wallet for crypto .NFC and QR code installment alternatives


Send crypto to your companions by telephone number

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As of now, most cryptographic forms of money are either utilized for theories or for a particular reason.
Bitcoin was made as another installment framework to conquer the innate issues in the present keeping money framework, yet its utilization is restricted. Moreover, exchange expenses can be high and the speed of exchange moderate. Our answer offers another installment procedure dependent on another blockchain DPOS (assigned verification of stake called Climb Blockchain

BCB Rise will become familiar with clients' conduct and effectively search for offers like past exchanges and afterward alert you when a chance emerges. Through the procurement of an e-cash permit, you will rapidly get cash into your assigned financial balance whenever the timing is ideal. Clients can likewise store their BCB tokens on the application and increase month to month intrigue dependent on how much and to what extent the tokens have been in the wallet. A few clients can get less expensive exchange charges when utilizing the ATMs, reliant on what number of tokens they keep in another wallet inside BCB Climb.

The BCB wallet will be available by means of BCB Climb and will be a motivating force to clients to purchase and hold BCB tokens. 33 Million BCB has been held for this program and they will be conveyed more than 20 years. Month to month intrigue will diminish after some time, giving more BCB to early adopters.

So as to have a stake, you should have at least 5000 tokens in your BCB wallet. These sums will be separated by the all out number of BCB tokens sent to staking. Thusly early adopters will get a higher loan fee which will diminish after some time as selection increments.

Token: BCB

Stage: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Cost in ICO: 0.5000 USD

Tokens available to be purchased: 59,000,000

Speculation data

Tolerating: BTC, ETH, LTC

Disseminated in ICO: 49,17%

Delicate top: 5000000 USD

Hard top: 30000000 USD

Q3 2015

• Understanding the UK Bitcoin ATM edges are incredibly high we mean to Begin a system with most minimal expenses.

• BCB ATM is conceived, field-tested strategy drafted, and we start to search for financial specialists.

Q4 2015

• With no speculation understanding, we join BCB ATM LTD and utilize individual assets to purchase the first Bitcoin ATM.

• We set our expenses to 4% which a normal of 3% lower than different administrators.

• The first BCB ATM is introduced in Enfield London eighteenth November 2015. Indistinguishable Precinct from the world's first money machine. Introduced by Barclays bank in 1967 by innovator John Shepherd-Barron.

Q1 2016

• Utilizing benefits and individual Mastercards we requested 2 more Bitcoin ATM's.

Q2 2016

• 2 new Bitcoin ATMs introduced in London.

Q3 2016

• Third Bitcoin ATM goes live in London.

Q4 2016

• We arrange 5 more Bitcoin ATMs as prominence develops. Exchanges increment by 1778%.

• We start to search for approaches to lessen expenses over our system.

Q1 2017

• We introduce 5 new areas.

• We start to skim thoughts for a TGE to enhance the most secure of the Bitcoin financial framework.

Q2 2017

• We introduce our Initial 2 way Bitcoin ATM and don't think back.

• We include new Thoughts for an Application towards the TGE plan, cash exchange utilizing 'Lightning System'.

Q3 2017

• We presently have 16 Bitcoin ATMs and turned into the UK's quickest developing Bitcoin ATM administrators.

• BCB Rise is added to the TGE, with treasurer.

Q4 2017

• Bitcoin turns into the most sizzling subject in the media. Solicitations for Bitcoin ATM's experience the rooftop.

• We currently have the biggest dominant part offer of UK Bitcoin ATM advertise.

• BCB rewards for utilizing the ATM is added to TGE with Repurchase and consume projection.

Q1 2018

• Number of dynamic BCB ATMs hop up by half over the UK.

Q2 2018

• Named "Ruler OF BITCOIN ATMS IN THE UK" by

• Dispatch Token Age Occasion to general society.

Q2 2019

• Introduce initial 205 BCB ATM's crosswise over Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ribs.
• Start E-Cash Permit Process:

— Pre-application;

— Apply the procedure to get Authorisation with Confinement (AWR);

— Assembly to acquire Lifting Confinement (LR);

— After LR;

Q3 2019

• Introduce second cluster +129 crosswise over Europe (Areas will be casted a ballot by those holding the Most BCB Tokens) from waitlist of 5 nations.

• Proceed with E-Cash Permit Process:

— Submit created administrative strategy, alongside recuperation and goals plan;

— Completely created money related asset archives (ICAAP and ILAP)

Q4 2019

• Third clump +150 to be conveyed.

Q1 2020

• Forward clump +259 to be conveyed. Making a sum of 743 BCB ATMs.

Q2 2020

• New BCB ATM In progress – Idea assessment.

• Fifth clump +300 to be appropriated. Making a sum of 1,043 BCB ATMs.

Q3 2020

• Assemble and thorough testing of New BCB ATM Model.

• 6th cluster +300 to be disseminated. Making an aggregate of 1,343 BCB ATMs.

Q4 2020

• Assembling for new BCB ATMs.

• Seventh clump +400 to be circulated.

Q1 2021

• Utilize opened group reward to build worldwide staff; boosting rate of establishment crosswise over Europe.

• Appropriation of new BCB ATMs to start.

• Eighths bunch +400 to be disseminated. Making an aggregate of 2,143 BCB ATMs.

Q2 2021

• Present field-tested strategy and Market
• New BCB ATM In progress – Idea assessment.

• Fifth bunch +300 to be circulated. Making a sum of 1,043 BCB ATMs.

Q3 2020

• Fabricate and thorough testing of New BCB ATM Model.

• 6th clump +300 to be conveyed. Making an aggregate of 1,343 BCB ATMs.

Q4 2020

• Assembling for new BCB ATMs.

• Seventh group +400 to be disseminated.

Q1 2021

• Utilize opened group reward to expand global staff; boosting pace of establishment crosswise over Europe.

• Appropriation of new BCB ATMs to start.

• Eighths bunch +400 to be appropriated. Making an aggregate of 2,143 BCB ATMs.

Q2 2021

• Present strategy and Market Presentation Plan for new BCB ATMs.

• Ninth group +400 to be conveyed. Making an aggregate of 2,543 BCB ATMs.

Q3 2021

• Tenth clump +400 to be appropriated. Making an aggregate of 2,943 BCB ATMs.

Q4 2021

• Eleventh group +400 to be disseminated.

Q1 2022

• Twelfth group +400 to be disseminated. Making an aggregate of 3,343 BCB ATMs.

Q2 2022

• Thirteenth clump +400 to be appropriated. Making a sum of 3,743 BCB ATMs.
Q3 2022

• Fourteenth group +400 to be conveyed. Making a sum of 4,143 BCB ATMs.


Landry Ntahe: Author and President

Ryan Andallo: Head Working Officer

Shinelle Ferdinand: Office Chief

Sergeev Dmitry: CTO

Joelle Daley-Peart: HR Chief

Minakov Yurii: Backend Engineer

Glushenko Artem: Blockchain Engineer

Tkachev Avdei: Frontend Engineer

Artem Rumyancev: C/C++ Engineer

Rojkov Bogdan: C/C++ Engineer

Grishanov Sergei: Backend Engineer


Gabrielle Patrick: President of Knabu

Sanjay Mistry: Proprietor of Verum PR and Interchanges

Nicholas Khan-Roper: Contracted Riches Director


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ETH WALLET ADDRESS : 0x0ef52b3be43da3ed7bc774fd3f9502d936458a15

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