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Eating a 2.5ft. Burrito.

His name is Gustavo. He has to eat 70 Centimeters in 7 Minutes. This reminds me of LA Beast on that other video site.

I made a post yesterday on how Che Taco runs this contest. Click to see it.

But, the biggest news is that I am on @bitchute!

I have steered clear of younoob for years and the censorship just keeps getting worse. They have millions but they are pissing away users by the thousands in order to please certain political entities. Bye!!!!

Yes, I took a video of this poor guy Gustavo.

And not he knows about @bitchute because he asked me for a copy. Here's the link to see it.

See the contest!


not sure how to make it look like it does on twitter

It took two tries, @bitchute is not out of beta yet, not many options, but it does work! I tried all kinds of embed codes, iframe, and I have not found a way to embed bitchute videos.

Why is this important? Bitchute is the bitcoin of internet video!

We need something like this. I have been a member, having joined in January and putting in several attempts to get an active account. Now, I need to start making videos. I am not sure that I want a 'show' per se, but I do want a place that is not grabbing and selling my every login to the highest bidder.

My boys are in this video, to my left. My oldest will be eating this monstrous roll of beans and cheese this coming Saturday.

I want free Mexican food!


...Is Awesome - Go to My Channel



I am not sure that I want a 'show' per se, but I do want a place that is not grabbing and selling my every login to the highest bidder.

Amen to that. Enough with selling our info.

Bitchute looks pretty cool. The UI is easy to navigate. Curious to see what else you post after this burrito challenge.

That was one big burrito!

Hi @sponge-bob
Thank you for sharing a very interesting video between you and your son.
Pull it Your son is in the video, on your left. Your oldest, and you will eat this horrible cheese bread and beans on next Saturday.
Upvote and Resteem..
Keep steem on.!!
Have a nice day 👍

The ability to embed a video from bitchute is one of the things that must be corrected. Reading your post, i did a some search and found an older steemit post, about 3 months ago, that was talking for the same problem. You can read the full post here that is very detailed for the issue.

I remember that post! I have been following the development of @bitchute and also @maidsafe which both are needed in a world where companies want to control things, everything.

Wanting bitchute to follow and allow embedding is like wanting bitcoin to allow checks, visa cards, and access at every ATM. Bitchute works like P2P file sharing, making every user into a server (decentral by nature). That is a feature that doesn't work on sites that have been built for youtube.

P2P which was attacked by governments, because it is freedom at its heart, like bitcoin, steemit, and butchute. They even startedjailing people who ran file sharing sites. Kim Dotcom is still under attack for allowing people to share thier files. He currently runs - which is currently the ONLY cloud service I will use. The USSA wants to extradite this guy to the US when he has never lived or even visited there. For what? Selling freedom.

Saying that, we did enable embeds :) But it's not our endgame, we're taking a pragmatic approach to offering legacy features like this one in the hope that we can ween more people from the legacy centralized monopoly.

@bitchute Why are you not using the steem blockchain to monetize content on Any concern that you may have? This will give you and everyone on your site a good income stream.
There hasn't been a lot of websites that have integrated the tech, most of the app on steem are brand new so I am really interested to hear your thoughts about this. What is the thing preventing you from integrating steem basically ? :-)

we did enable embeds :) embeds don't work on steemit

This vid is not embedded

All this sounds awesome. I will check it out. A pro filmmaker here ;)

Thanks for the response. What is the best way to embed for use on Steemit?

I am nearly 100% Steemit. Experimenting with Gab and Minds a bit. But this is where I spend my time. I am so glad you guys are around!

One other comment. Sometimes the sound comes on before the player is up - no way to throttle down the volume until the player comes up. (suggestion).

I totally agree with you. It is exactly as you describe. I did not knew about Kim Dotcom and . It is very intersing to know that exists somebody that acts this way. I will try to use this. Thanks for the info.

Hi, you may use this url for embedding. Yes we badly need to update the documentation. We're entering a new phase from next month where we'll have far more development hours so expect a lot of rapid changes. It's a very exciting time.

Hey @bitchute! It's currently not possible to upload mp4 or is it a filesize or Safari issue? Otherwise the site works fine on Safari.

Eso se ve delicioso. Buen provecho!!!

Tommy va compitiendo el sabado que viene. Mismo Burrito.

Compramos 2 de 30cm del Subway y los comio sin problema recien hoy.

Ganará? no dejes de publicar detalles de la competencia!!!

jajajajaja entrenanado con los de Subway????

Hi @sponge-bob
Thank you for visiting.
Anyway, it is great that sites like bitchute emerge which gives people real freedom and not like the popular sites like YT and others which are controlled by some dark forces in politics and beyond. Have a great day.

It really looks delicious.
Is it bread? What is the total length?
I want to eat.
It looked like a Costco sandwich.

I have never been to costo. The burrito was filled with meat, rice, beans, and cheese. It was 70cm long.

wow ! this guy ! at the beginning i thought he couldn't make it from his inspression ! but he did make it ! he ate for a week ^^

I know. I asked him if he eats there often. He said it was his first time. Funny.

the question is ! is he going to eat there again ?? ^^

Well, he did win a month of free dinners. 🍴

WOW thats a nice prize you dont see in many contests !!
btw mr @sponge-bob im thrilled with your super heavy vote ! thank you :)


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Spongbob as I see you left Krusty Krab for steemit. I hope Patrick will follow

Thank you @sponge-bob for the important work and your explanation. I appreciate your support. Have a nice day!

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Awesome, thanks for sharing..
Resteem and upvote

STEEM needs to make video sharing capabilities!

Oh my Gustavo!

I had read somewhere awhile back that bitchute and steemit might work together on a project, any info on that?

I don't know anything about that, but if you go to there is a steemit icon next to the twitter one. That in itself is cool!

Haha, I will have to check that out! I know the SteemQ project was trying to build a decentralized video platform on the Steem blockchain as well.

Thanks for sharing about this. Always interesting to learn more about what's going on on Steemit

Omg that makes me feel hungy :D I have just woke up, no breakfast yet :)

Thanks for sharing a very interesting video.. Want to see a contest like this and participate. Saludos from Mexico!

This interesting post, you unite this post with twitter.
Good job for you @htooms
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