Bitcar ICO 2018

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The Most Anticipated ICO of 2018

When the Bitcar Platform goes live, Participants will be in a position to trade P2P, Buy, Trade or Hold Fractional Ownership of Exotic Super Cars & Highly Collectable Classics, meaning anyone could potentially own a small part of the physical asset or a large part depending on their appetite and budget. Until now ownership of expensive exotic vehicles and highly collectable classics have only been within reach of those who could afford outright ownership or finance, Bitcar is a game changer allowing anyone to trade or hold part of their wealth in this unique high performance asset class. Bitcar is the first of it's kind making it a market mover and shaker which is set to change the dynamics of exotic and classic car ownership around the world.

The ICO Launch is 25th January 2018 

The launch is set to change the world of Exotic Vehicle Ownership on the Blockchain run on Ethereum Smart Contracts. Bitcar Co Founder Gov van Ek states that "Bitcar is a Cryptocurrency for Exotic Cars". Bitcar offers the utility which enables peer to peer exchange on the decentralized Bitcar platform. 

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About Bitcar

Gov van Ek stated at a recent event in Singapore part of Blockshow Asia, "We built the platform prototype during 2015 and 2016, We also went to Switzerland, We worked with Finmar the regulator there... We spent lot's of money with our Lawyers MME and got lot's of feedback. We considered Securities Laws and Banking Acts and other acts". He also stated "Third Party Agents will source and buy the cars". Gov also suggests that the Bitcar Platform will offer a haven when there are fluctuations and volatility in Cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that the cars will not be driven, "We treat them as art", Gov van Ek also mentioned that they would only be looking at cars which appreciate in value and focusing more on the Hyper Cars because they have the cleanest title, least amount of owners and minimum dispute. 

"We are happy to be working with an asset class that's clean, well-defined and not copyable".
- Co Founder; Gov van Ek

Gov van Ek also suggests that the target for the portfolio of cars is $500 Million to 1 Billion over the next 3-5 years.

FAQ: How does Bitcar work?

Bitcar is designed using blockchain technology which runs with Ethereum smart contracts to allow users to P2P buy, trade and diversify in to a high performing asset class in a way which was never possible until now.

Bitcar will be used in two ways,
A: Bitcar will serve a very large car enthusiast market.
B: Bitcar users can enjoy the gamefication aspect of the platform to earn rewards.

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