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It is indeed interesting times for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as more projects are launched on a regular basis. For the average trader, this signals a trend to determine the next coin to pitch tents with. For some other category of users, the launch of these projects provides them with an opportunity to discover solutions to inherent problems in the current structure of things.

Introducing Bitbond’s Security Token Offer
There’s no iota of doubt that the success of a crypto coin does not only depend on the value but also has to do with the solutions it offers. Now, Bitbond has been developed as a seamless approach towards bridging the security lapses in the crypto community. Although privacy coins are doing their best, it is imperative to integrate more security features like the one proposed by this project. So, what makes Bitbond outstanding?

Germany’s Crypto Community is about to Surge
Earlier before it threw its towel into the crypto-sphere, Bitbond was formerly a company based at Berlin, Germany, which offers loans to startups. At the time, it was able to secure external funding to the tune of €5 million. This and other funds at the company’s disposal were used to sponsor medium-scale businesses in over 80 countries.
Given the record of accomplishment, it has over the past couple of years, it now took the position of a security-focused coin as a medium to solve some inherent problems in the loaning process over the blockchain.

Decentralized Loans
One of the ideas behind the conception of this project is the quest to foster loans in a decentralized manner. By this formulation, Bitbond brings investors and borrowers (usually SMEs) in a single ecosystem. Furthermore, it facilitates transactions between both parties, while ensuring timely repayment at the due time.

Leveraging the Stellar Blockchain
The Stellar blockchain, which host the cross-border remittance mechanism, XLM, was chosen primarily because of the scalability and for the efficiency in remitting funds. Thus, the basis of this project’s functions is on the Stellar blockchain, which promises a reduction in transaction costs.

Returns on Investment
As would be expected of every investment, Bitbond promises to pay its investors a percentage of the invested sum every year for a period of 4 years. After this, investors whose tokens are worth €50,000 at the time look good to benefit from the increased value of the token.

Prospects for SMEs
The goal of the project is to facilitate cash flow for small-scale businesses. Now that it is operating in a decentralized architecture with a security token in its coffers, Bitbond has many opportunities to offer borrowers. As it posited the current milestone is to distribute €1 billion to startups by the year 2022. This is just as it looks for more opportunities to grow its user base by 50 people before the end of the year.

Regulation and the Future
By the recognition of Bitbond’s native coin (BB) as a security token by Germany’s financial regulator, BaFin, it now stands a better chance of gaining massive adoptions in Europe. It’s worth mentioning that this also increases the number of investors that would want to be part of the features offered on Bitbond.

Team and Investors

Final Thoughts on Bitbond
Security-focused crypto tokens are becoming prominent nowadays. Hence, it’s important to flow with the tides. This informs the reason why Bitbond successfully explored the decentralized loan loopholes to its advantage. With the security recognition in its kitty, it looks good to extend its reach into more parts of Europe using the security token, BB1.

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