Bistox - a semi-decentralized advanced cryptocurrency exchange that combines the NEM blockchain platform

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Here is a strange fact: these days, cryptocurrency exchange is largely centered despite the fact that decentralization is the basis of cryptocurrency technology. Decentralization is the cornerstone of this young technology, and the principle of decentralization provides one of the most important characteristics of electronic money - the lack of a central point of failure, and the inability to ban or take this much money.

So why is the crypto exchange today mostly centralized? We are used to the big exchange with their billions of dollars in turn, and with the sacred horror that we observe because some of them are hacked, after an unimaginable amount of money is stolen from a user account. Of course, large exchanges tend to pay off their debts, but in the cryptocurrency world, prices can vary greatly, even in one day. Therefore, the return of the dollar equivalent of funds was stolen after months or even years, because it happened with Mount GOX, at least to disappoint the affected users. And sometimes it causes them to be destroyed.

Traditionally, decentralization has been linked to semi-legal aspects of the Internet, such as torrents. No one here guarantees the integrity of the transaction, and all transactions are carried out by the user at their own risk. But time has changed, and in 2019 the completely new cryptocurrency exchange format will be launched; which will combine the advantages of decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Meet Bistox - a semi-decentralized advanced cryptocurrency exchange that combines the NEM blockchain platform and is designed for traders of various levels of knowledge, whose needs are trusted partners they can trust and get 24/7 help.

The company displays decentralized technology, which means that it divides its resources into parts and operates them in different physical and cloud locations around the world. The company token is called BSX and will first be sold during the ICO, which will last in 2 months. Bistox is considered to be one of the safest crypto exchange platforms because of a number of technological innovations that corporate leaders will introduce into the workflow.

Bistox combines the following features that create a unique experience that other exchanges have never had. These features are social trading systems, cross-chain transactions, and decentralized exchanges, atom exchange, fraud detection and prevention, risk management, escrow transactions, major recovery services, and 24/7 customer support.

[Supported by NEM technology]

Bistox is supported by the world's first "Smart Asset" NEM - the blockchain built with business considerations.

"When choosing a platform, we take into account transaction speed, scalability and security procedures", - said CTO Bistox, Germany Sidorenko. "Therefore, we choose a flexible and fast NEM platform, which addresses and resolves all the limitations and disadvantages of other blockchain systems."

NEM is valued for its speed and scalability, and for the program of Pol and Supernode's revolutionary consensus mechanism, which guarantees unlimited growth of the public blockchain without impacting bandwidth.

NEM is the first crypto company in the world to create and launch the Smart Assets option. Smart Assets are a type of currency that represents fixed physical goods and intangible assets that can be purchased in other currencies. Smart Assets are operated by intelligent contracts, which are computerized algorithms. NEM currently provides every Internet user with a platform to use the existing smart contract trading function and create new exchanges that will be supported by NEM technology.

[A set of new features]

Bistox also has several unique technology facilities to offer. Bistox introduced a new machine called DANNI (Decentralized Artificial Neural Network), an absolute innovation in the crypto exchange market. The Bistox team is supported by experts from the NEM Foundation - Nels Valero's main adviser and Solution Architect & Technical Trainer, Shin Tatt Wong - who will disrupt the industry by building semi-decentralized exchanges.

DANNI, a personal self-study trading assistant that analyzes market data in real time, provides forecasts and solutions based on the broad experience of professional traders. With DANNI one can test the strategy on real historical data while getting the recommended trading strategy based on the behavior of professional traders as well. This system provides users with alerts and notifications to improve their risk management. They get news feeds that are targeted for accurate analysis of fundamental and historical data to get directions on project market conditions.

Technical support is a weak point of almost every exchange. Sometimes, users have to wait several days, or even weeks, to respond to their tickets. Bistox's support consists of trained specialists, which are available 24/7 along with the world's best Internet security experts.

[How to get profit]

  • Trading fees - When making payments on the Crypto Bistox exchange platform, customers will be charged for participating. Every payment that will be made at BSX will be offered an adequate discount on costs - up to 50% for the first year, and down to 10% for the fifth year of trading.

  • Registration fee - Every new project that will be registered on the Bistox platform will be charged a special fee to be registered. In the coming years, this will bring sufficient profits to the company and raise additional funds which will later be used to provide opportunities for registered projects and the companies involved.

  • Withdrawal Fees - After a person or company wants to remove money from Bistox's electronic wallet, he will be charged a withdrawal fee. These costs will be invested in further company development, and the data obtained will help to monitor the level of cash withdrawals from the platform.

  • Margin trading costs - Traders who will be involved in marginal trading and therefore will have a margin account must pay the interest rate. Interest rates will be stated and controlled by the Bistox company. Marginal trading on the Bistox platform will allow clients to process more efficient trades.

  • Social trade costs - Social trading will help novice traders to feel as if they are experienced traders. This will give traders the opportunity to learn from the most successful traders on the Exchange, which makes their trade public. The economic model is regulated to allow both parties to obtain and earn profits. Top-ranking traders will be able to share their portfolios and trade with the public. A user can follow the top ranked trader in the list and activate the "mirror" trading button to copy an equivalent trade in percentages. The system will automatically charge commission fees if there is a profitable agreement and separates it between Exchange and merchants.

[Distribution of tokens and funds]

[Sales Token]

Personal Sales

30% bonus period for 6 months
$ 100 000 Minimum limit for each investor


  • 15% bonus 6 month period
  • $ 2500 minimum per person
  • $ 15,000 Maximum per person


General Sales

  • $ 100 minimum per person
  • $ 1000 maximum per person
  • KYC

[Use tokens]

BSX is a ticker symbol that represents user properties in the NEM blockchain. In the BISTOX ecosystem, BSX can be used for payments.




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