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I know there are plenty of tools available to calculate how much a vote is worth .  Tools like which are awesome.  However there are times when you need to know how this calculation works. Especially if you volunteer to help a fellow steemain track something only to face calculations like this one (as I did lol)

In this article I will break down the calculation step by step and show you where you can get the data.

When I first asked the question ‘How is the $ value of a vote calculated?’ I was presented with this

And then I was given this:

var v = 0;

var a, n, r, i, m, o = 1e4;

var steempower = 1000; // Your steempower

steem.api.getRewardFund("post", function(e, t) {


n = t.reward_balance, r = t.recent_claims, i = n.replace(" STEEM", "") / r;


alert('Steem Blockchain Api is down!!! Comeback later. It is not in our control.');



steem.api.getCurrentMedianHistoryPrice(function(e, t) {

m = t.base.replace(" SBD", "") / t.quote.replace(" STEEM", "");


steem.api.getDynamicGlobalProperties(function(t, n) {

a = n.total_vesting_fund_steem.replace(" STEEM", "") / n.total_vesting_shares.replace(" VESTS", "");

var e = steempower, t = 100, n = 100, r = e / a, p = parseInt(100 * t * (100 * n) / o);

p = parseInt((p + 49) / 50);

var l = parseInt(r * p * 100) * i * m;

v = l.toFixed(4);


It never ceases to amaze me that people assume I know programming.  Lol I know nothing. But I do know on Steemit there are always people to help :-)

I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to @mahdiyari who came to save the day on Steemit Chat and gave me the following:


a = (reward_balance/recent_claims)

b = (base/quote) // it is Steem/SBD Feed price

c = (total_vesting_fund_steem/total_vesting_shares)

d = steempower/c

e = power*weight // weight of vote for ex. 10000

f = (e+49)/50

vote amount in SBD = d*f*100*a*b

Now we have the formula I can show you where you can get all of the data.  Lucky there are a few data sources available, SteemSQL by @arcange  and Steemd by @roadscape  both can provide the information that we need.

Step by Step

a = (reward_balance/recent_claims)

Scroll down the Steemd website until you find ‘ Streems Reward Fund’ on the right.  Both the reward balance and the recient claims are found here

A = 690,391.532  / 244,510,353,823,637,605 =      0.000000000002823568    

b = (base/quote) // it is Steem/SBD Feed price

Just above the Steems Reward fund is the Feed price which contains both the base and the quote

b =  1.277 / 1 = 1.277

c = (total_vesting_fund_steem/total_vesting_shares)

Again these values can be found on the Steemd website.  Again on the right, you should not have to scroll down far to find them.

C = 183,456,502.365 / 378,404,305,382.434277 =      0.000484816    

d = steempower/c


Steempower is effective steem and this can also be found on the Steemd website.  This time however you need to change from to (replace @paulag with your own user name).

On the left of the page, if you scroll down you will find Effective sp

D = 448.659 /       0.000484816       =           925420.9857        

e = power*weight // weight of vote for ex. 10000


Voting power is also found on the same table as effective sp.

Voting weight will depend on what the voter chooses at the time.  In my case 100%

E= .9382 * 10,000     = 9,382

f = (e+49)/50

 We have now calculated e above so we can now calculate f with ease

F= (9382 + 49) / 50 = 188.62

Putting it all Together

 vote amount in SBD = d*f*100*a*b

        925420.9857   *      188.62     *    100   *       0.00000000000282  *       1.272    = SBD       0.06269     


I am part of a Steemit Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #BIsteemit .  

If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit data, please do contact me or any of the #bisteemit team and we will do our best to help you ...

Want to join #bisteemit :  Https://

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Great post!!! I've been using the calculators for a while now, but I always wondered how the rewards were calculated...

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I never had a clue it can be this easy to calculate the worth of steemit vote manually. You did a great work sharing it with us easily, I might decide to turn a programmer after this class :)

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