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I have been busy in the last few days with a small community of pioneers mining the first Python blockchain. Other than the innovation involved, what impressed me the most is the cool attitude of the Developers, HCLivess & Maccaspacca.

My motivation for creating Bismuth is rooted in my desire to help the community. There were several NovaCoin-based projects in the past which I wanted to save by contributing to their code, but the default Bitcoin cryptography, libraries, code segmentation and language do not feel natural to me. So instead of learning the whole Bitcoin codebase, I decided to recreate it in something even non-programmers understand. Something, which makes prototyping super simple and quick and enables decentralized application deployment in hours - Python.

Welcome to Bismuth, a digital distributed self-regulating database system whose primary application is currency, and its first application is mining. It comes with a DAPP out-of-the-box. Bismuth is not based on code of BTC or any of it's derivates, it is only inspired by some ideas laid down by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Satoshi Nakamoto (BitCoin), Sunny King (Peercoin), NXT and ETH developers.

Bismuth does not draw any code from other repositories, instead it reformulates the cryptocurrency code in its own terms to be easily readable, compatible across all platforms, integrated into business solutions with utmost ease and most importantly open for development to wide public through it's simplicity, while minimizing the security risk for custom code implementations.

If you are a miner interested in innovative new projects with highly qualified developers, Bismuth should be on your list of coins to watch for.

Bitcointalk Announcement:

Bitcointalk OTC:
(if you can not mine, this is the place to buy some)


I need to warn you, Bismuth is in the pioneer stage right now and is going through a lot of fixes and forks to get everything working right. It's hard work to keep up with all the updates and fixes but it will be worth the time you spend on it. For mining some experience in compiling code from GitHub will be helpful, but it's always good to start somewhere.

I do not get excited for every project I mine, but Bismuth has all the qualities that will make a very successful project. I even awarded the developers my Golden Goat Award for many reasons.

Golden Goat Award presented by HH Joseph Stuhlman To HCLivess
Great innovation - Amazing Persistence - Icy Cool Demeanor


Oh wow i love python, will check it out

Yes and this one is a winner by all standards.

i have my python setup on other comp, now on windows. mineable or i have to get to the box?

it's hard to mine on windows, stick to linux

Checking it out right now!

This is the one I can say mine or buy some without hesitation.
the code is written from scratch and changes are coming in daily.
Pool support is almost done, and more is coming.

Can you only mine on Windows?

mining on windows at this time is not working because the windows wallet is demanding on cpu bandwidth. Linux is the way to go on mining. This is a cpu only coin for now, so servers with lots of cpu cores will do good. If a GPU miner shows up, it will be extremely hard to mine with cpu.

Here is a writeup on how I got it working on Debian 9 just now. I think it is working, would love for someone to check over my writeup and let me know if I have buggered anything up :)

Going to leave it mining for a few hours and see what happens :)

Wow, this looks interesting. Gonna have to try to mine this!

Wow! Definitely need to check this out!

What a cool trophy..

Thanks for the info, gonna do some early miner stuff then :)

Thanks for the tip. I like unearthed diamonds!

I had to give up after four fruitless days.

yes a pool might help and that might be less than a week away.

I don't think it was pool-related as much as it was constant updates to the code. I was intrigued, but my patience wore thin.

Yes, believe it or not Steemit went through the same process and those who had the patience to stay and update frequently were rewarded for their work.

You don't say!

is this a typo or a delibarate mistake
▣ Total tokens: 99,999,980 (1,099,99,978 including dev rewards)

Might have to throw a few linux rigs at this, thanks for the tip. I have not been watching bitcointalk as much since being involved with Steemit.

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