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Bismuth (BIS) is a blockchain enabled cryptocurrency which was introduced on May 1st, 2017. The latest Bismuth release has a mining app included which supports pool mining.

Check out the download:

Advantages of Bismuth

  • coded in python (is the most popular programming language in 2016)
  • very active development
  • mining pool is ready
  • POW (Proof Of Work)

Bitcointalk Announcement:

Bismuth Twitter:

Bismuth Website:

Bismuth Github:


Bismuth Explorer:


Thanks for sharing. Got my upvote.
Even though I am a new to blockchain and a non technical person I visited the links.
Is it possible to set up a node and mine from my PC?
I downloaded the files and then executed to establish a node and try mining.... but no joy...
Any further orientation, info or advice regarding how to support bismuth would be appreciated :-)

I think that only the linux version is working for mining, currently.

"open config.txt, change "mining_pool=0" to "mining_pool=1", change "mining_ip=" to "mining_ip=",I'm running a pool on the default address of 4edadac9093d9326ee4b17f869b14f1a2534f96f9c5d7b48dc9acaed, so you can keep that there."

The slack hangout is a great way to get the latest info about Bismuth. This project is really interesting and the development is progressing rapidly.

Super concept for miners. I am amazed every day by applications that emerge from blockchain technology...

i will follow you, i hope you will follow me )))

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