David Bowie "Happy Birthday" today mate, Gone but Not Forgotten!

in birthdays •  10 months ago

Today, January 8th 1947 in Brixton, England David Robert Jones was born.
You might say "who is David Robert Jones"? but if I wrote "David Bowie" you'd know instantly!
Yes today is the day this Genius of music and motion picture was born and I just wanted to write a little about the man himself because words truly fail when trying to encapsulate the man and the Icon I might as well sit down and write a book length article here which I really have no desire to do at this point in time.
The point being Is I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday David, you meant so much to SO many David" but I never had the chance to do so.
Thanks for reading my blog any hopefully it was good for an upvote, thanks for those who do, it is appreciated.
I've commemorated David in Pastel portraits of him which I'll post below.David Bowie #2 Darkstar by James DeWeaver 2016.jpgDavid Bowie Boys 1 Pastel Portrait Art by James DeWeaver Copyright 2017.jpg

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