Happy birthday 1/2 pint. I dont look old enough to have a 6yr old!!

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I cant believe it myself. How is it that 1/2 pint has turned 6yrs old already? It only feels like yesterday that Mrw W gave birth to this "little" bundle of joy. Born at 09:19 on December 4th, 2015, after a little twist and pull, our family of two become 3.

There was a small moment of complication, when the midwife realised his large head(he gets that from me) wasnt going to come out without a little assist. But with minimal intervention, out popped a 7lb 6.5oz humam that wouldnchsnge our life.


It wasnt long before he was given the nickname "1/2 pint". It might have something to do with the fact he looks nothing like his mother.... and i mean nothing like his mother! If i hadn't have witnessed him coming out of her, id swear she wasnt his biological mother. There really is no doubt on the paternal lineage.


As the years have gone by, for better or for worse, hes remained looking like me.... Hes grown in to this inquisitive, determined, incredibly intelligent (gets that from his mum), fun-loving young man.


I still hold out the hope that youll begin to look more like your mother, but if all else fails, lets hope you have your fathers charm amd you wont go far wrong.


A very Happy Birthday to "1/2 pint"!🤗 I hope your Dad got you lot's of shiny, so you can stack higher than Dad Lol!😀

I'm sure your Son will be pleased to know he just "Completed" 6 Years, and is now starting his 7th Year...
December 4, 2021... 17.4 Hollywood Time...

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