It's My Birthday! =)

in birthday •  2 years ago

Today marks the 26th year of my life. I am thankful for All that God has provided for me. I have a life filled with abundance and now I wish to share my abundance with others!

I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of the STEEMIT Community. There is so much to be thankful about with a community that has been able to share abundance with complete strangers. I am new to this community and have many plans to help give back to my community. I am so passionate about what STEEMIT can provide for people who can use some abundance in their lives.

My Birthday wish is that if you are reading this, please find a moment today to find a post that speaks to you. Please provide support to that post that speaks to you and provide feedback to a complete stranger. A Good deed never goes unnoticed. Sharing abundance with others is my birthday wish for today.

Thank you All for helping create a world with more abundance so we can all benefit from this amazing world and complete our missions for the Good of All!


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Happy birthday @uplift. I sincerely hope you get to do things you like with the people you love. Maybe even post a little thing or two on here like you just did. Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts!

Happy birthday! I followed you :')


Thank you. =)

Happy Birthday! I wish you many fulfilling years ahead!


Thank you! I am reflecting on all the amazing years I have had so far. I feel blessed.


You're welcome