Happy birthday to me

in #birthday5 years ago

I woke up with this smile.

It's another 17th May. Mehn, getting old is scary.
It's a day to reflect on how far I've come in life, and reassess my ambitions.

Over the last one year, my life has been eventful. If you think you knew me last year, a lot has changed, you don't know me anymore. I have grown mentally and emotionally. I have learned, unlearned and relearned so many things. I'm not there yet, so I'm still learning and hopeful that my optimism and doggedness would be sufficient.

As I turn a year older, the goal isn't to be liked. The goal is to keep growing, develop and unapologetically live by my rules. My friends know I staunchly believe that we all have just one assured shot at life. As such, I aim to experience all facets of life, take risks, be adventurous, learn, have fun and try to stay happy.

Indeed, life is good and it's a privilege to be alive in good health. Happy birthday, Udochi. Breath, love, live and think freely.


Thank you so much

Happy Birthday @udochi
You have a good goal... may your birthday wishes come true 😊

I am really grateful. Thank you.

Happy birthday @udochi ! I wish that everything in your life was good! )

Thanks a lot. I appreciate.

Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫
Reach for your goals
Never stop learning
and live life to the fullest
I hope you had an awesome day!

Thank you so much. Yea, my day was awesome.

Happy birthday to you, @udochi ;)

Thank you

Happy Birthday :)

It's late but happy birthday! Hope it was a fun one! Upvoted :)

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