Birthday of a star!! Lionel Messi

in birthday •  last year 


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Lionel Messi or Ronaldo?? Comment below!

Both are good !!!


Great Bhai keep support I always support

i follow you !!

Nice post

@technicalguruje my favourite is messi and your messi vs ronaldo??

Great player

Great father, husband, son and a pure, honest human being.

Great Bro I Follow You

me too

wow i like messi thanks for posting his video

I am big fan of him and Happy birthday messi

Messi is a good human being as well. This world cup so far is not good for him. May be he can perform well in upcoming matches.

Argentina are chokers just like south Africa in cricket.

one man army lionel messi

happy birthday to u messy wish u a very good day of ur life

Few people are always remain as a legend and messi is one of them.

I likeeee Ronaldooo.

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He is my favorite...

all time star