The death of a friend & my new life on a construction site 🔆🎥⚠️ Happy birthday me!

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Screen Shot 20190523 at 08.19.16.png

Work has finally begun on the UK's most advanced solar farm just outside York where I will be based till September, filming its construction using time-lapse techniques and drones.

To give you an idea of scale it takes me almost two hours to walk around the perimeter of the site. The brown fields below show only the centre of it.
Screen Shot 20190523 at 07.08.14.png

This is what it looked like on Google Earth two months ago, before they killed the grass.
Screen Shot 20190428 at 13.23.36.png

And here you can see our plan for the finished site.
Screen Shot 20190523 at 10.00.52.png

I have been in the UK 5 weeks already getting the legal obligations of flying a drone out of the way, so am excited now to be finally starting what I came here to do.

Birthdays & Deathdays

Today is my 43rd birthday yet I feel a bit lost because last week one of my most amazing friends died suddenly from a caner in his liver which triggered multiple organ failure. He was diagnosed only a few weeks ago, so it has been quite a shock. He was misdiagnosed at Christmas and there is some fuss being made now over NHS negligence but I'm not going to get into all that. He has left his body and no amount of finger pointing will bring him back.

He is the big guy serving up the meat.

His name was John-Paul Habermann, originally from Germany he came to England in his twenties as a chef hoping to sell his unique sausages here. I met him in 1999 at a time in his life when he was able to move production out of his house, into his first dedicated sausage factory and have watched his business grow and grow since then. His company now provides all the best restaurants in the South of England.

Screen Shot 20190523 at 10.54.27.png

I realise the irony of a skinny vegan being best friends with an overweight sausage maker. My friendship with him taught me many things, the least of which was that we cannot change anyone except ourselves.

His third and largest factory is in Kent where I spent a few weeks four years ago to make this time-lapse film as a gift for him.

JP and I lived together on and off for many years in a number of different houses around London. His special kind of humour and immense German drive was very infectious to be around. He refused to get on planes but still managed to visit us in the South of France a few years ago.

Bless him he brought an entire suitcase of sausages which were distributed amongst my new french family.

We also went to stay with him in the UK where he took my family & I for a ride on his new boat.

It was a beautiful day Sabrina & I enjoyed very much. Shame Esteban was only one year old, he will likely not remember it.

I relied on him like a father for advice and guidance in matters of business and he surprised me in so many ways with unexpected acts of kindness & generosity which went above and beyond.

To give you an idea of his sense of humour and detachment from history, he agreed to take on an acting role in a British porn film I made for Playboy TV, playing a Nazi general. It wasn't easy to find a costume shop which catered for his size, but we got there in the end and he played his part wonderfully!

I feel sad today because I would normally speak to him on my birthday and I was really looking forward to great times in the future with him. He invested heavily into crypto three years ago and intended to retire next year when crypto goes to the moon. And now there is the frustrating question of what happens to his crypto if he was the only person with the keys? Two weeks isn't long to get ones affairs in order. Especially given his condition.

Shortly before he died he was visited by a friend who was able to get only the following words out of him before he was sedated:

"It hurts so much"

I am haunted by these words now, though I know in time the feeling will fade.

Am happy at least there is no more pain and from his new vantage point he is more with me than he has ever been. The non physical realm is a real place. It is THE real place. This place we call life is the dream... and from dreams we must always wake.

I will be with him again when my dream here is done.

And there is no hurry ;)

It has been noted that sitting down and writing this article has helped me feel better. Thank you Steem, Whaleshares, Weku & Bearshares!

Love and Light everyone 🙏🏻

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So sorry to hear about Jean-Paul. I just read your article. I know it's your Birthday today, Happy Birthday an' all that. I hope you're not feeling too rotten. I know JP was a big part of your life for many years - and I liked him a lot, he was a top bloke.


Great to interact with you here Paul!

Thanks for following this blog old friend. One of these days I will write more about all the adventures you and I had! There are so many stories to tell ;)

Wow that's a big solar farm. May your friend eat in peace. And happy 43rd birthday 😀

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It really is big. But I will find a way to conquer it!

Thanks for the birthday wishes ;)



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Happy Birthday.
Good luck with flying the bird. :-)


Thanks :)


you're welcome.