HURRAY!!! @MBJ WILL BE +1 IN 5DAYS TODAY(HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE):(30 Steem Selfie Challenge)steemCreated with Sketch.

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Hello great people of amazing steemit ecosystem!!!

Hello good people of amazing steemjet family!!

Hello family and friends!!!

Hello world!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-31 at 9.59.06 AM.jpeg

I will be +1 in 5 days today, so i want to use this medium to invite all my friends and well wishers to my first on-blockchain birthday!

It is almost impossible for all my friends around the world to attend the birthday party and birthday cake is supposed to be sheared to all my friends so i have decided to convert part of my birthday cake to STEEM, so as to digitally shear it to my friends around the world in a simple challenge to make it fun.
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 9.55.18 PM.jpeg
Someone has actually qualified already for a bit of this cake challenge. @soufiani, who made me appear on a paper drawing for the first time in the history of @mbj. Thanks Man!!!
WhatsApp Image 2018-07-22 at 8.58.31 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 9.55.18 PM.jpeg

My Birthday is a very remarkable day in the whole world, It is the World's Charity Day; I was born 5Th September, 199Backinthedays.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 2.50.27 PM.jpeg

The Challenge.

  • 30 steem will be sheared among ten best selfie takers(best of all receives 5steem) with caption "Happy Birthday @Mbj", with a Birthday wish(I want to see what you wish me.... lol) I am photographer, I will judge it with no favoritism!! I promise.

  • 2 additional steem for any first person who quoted by best color correctly making it 5 steem. (this maybe small for you, but i want it to reach plenty people since it is celebration).

The Chase!!

  • Take a selfie of you single like mine for example!!
    WhatsApp Image 2018-08-31 at 10.00.34 AM.jpeg

  • Or with someone or group of people with your face pronounced... example
    WhatsApp Image 2018-08-31 at 10.01.46 AM.jpeg

  • Caption it "Happy Birthday @Mbj", with a Birthday wish(I want to see what you wish me.... lol) I am photographer, I will judge it with no favoritism!! I promise.

  • Submit your entry in the in the comment box before 5Th of September(you can make a post if you like), @steemjetnewbies supported me with a promise to upvote all the eligible entries submitted. so everyone wins!!

  • Result will be announced a day after the birthday(i.e 6Th September)

  • Resteem this post to boost audience .... Follow me to stay Posted!!!.... upvote to increase trend!!!


I also like receiving gift during my birthday( lol who doesn't like that?), so if you have any gift for me, kindly convert it to a digital cake(steem) like mine and send it to my wallet @mbj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Birthday Quote: Don't give up, there is no limits to what you can achieve!!!

God bless your all!!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 9.55.18 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 9.55.18 PM.jpeg



Happy birthday @mbj

May God make Successful all your endeavors and may the sky be your beginning.
Steem on bro :)

Valid Entry:

May the year obey you!
May your face never stops shining bright!

Thanks for your wishes!!
May all your good dreams come true!!

God bless you

#wishing you the best in life
#age gracefully
#long life is certain the graphics man...

and your favorite colour is white



Lol is whit considered as a color?, maybe not in artists world.
All the same thanks for the wishes
and you guys look good in the selfie.

God bless you.

happy birthday @mbj, I'm from Venezuela, and It doesn't matter if we are too far far away, I hope that you have a Great life, and God guide your steps..

and that all your dreams come true.

P.s: sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to learn a lot with you and steemjet.
aaa.. don't forget to send me some piece of cake jeje



Burst my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the way from Venezuela?
I feel like come over, hope you will welcome me .

Thanks soo much for your warm wishes!
May all your good dreams come true and may God grant you everything makes you the happiest women on earth!!

Your mouth😘😘😘😘 lol

And for your English.. Keep trying, You can be the best.

God bless you.

September celebrant are smart, talented and elegant

Have a fantastic day, filled with everything you love most!
Wishing your birthday brings you as much joy and happiness as you give to those who know you!
Happy Birthday In addy @my GRAPHICS MAN


Thank dear.
I like your style.

God bless you completely.

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!![] @MBJ ()
keep my cake


Thanks for the wishes brother.
I will keep your cake for sure.

Stay awesome.

@mbj It brings me so much joy to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray that our God blesses you and wraps His mighty arms of protection around you on this extra special day and forever.

Here is my entry


Thanks for your wishes bro.
I Love mummy's smile from behind.

God bless you.

Which mummy??
Na my girlfriend be that!!!


Happy birthday @mbj i want to say a lot of things but I just want to wish you the happiest birthday ever. I hope you have a blast. Cheers!



Thank you so much!
May your face never stops shining bright as all your good dreams comes true.

Stay Blessed.

"Happy birthday @mbj"

“Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy and laughter.

“Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day
Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday to you”

“Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires in Jesus name.

I wish you long life and good health,more steem to your wallet...



When was the last time that someone call you beautiful?

The beauty on your face couldn't allow me to stop starring at your picture.
You are a real definition of beauty!!

Are you a Diva? cos your background and pose is proving you are one.
It is quite incredibly unique how you are able to take yourself a full picture showing even your legs, awesome and honoring.

I received the smile you sent lol. maybe that was why i woke up smile this morning.

Thanks for your wishes.
God loves you, So do I!!

(Happy birthday dear in advance.And my selfi pic..)!C360_2018-06-25-17-52-19-341.jpg


Thanks my foreign friend !!
How is live over there?.
May you hopes stay alive .

Bless you.

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@mbj sir, Baby, I am in fire. Will you come to help me, because you are the man who started the flame? I will make you the happiest birthday man ever! Hehehe



WhatsApp Image 2018-09-01 at 10.27.34 AM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-09-01 at 10.27.37 AM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-09-01 at 10.27.38 AM.jpeg

Thanks for your wishes baby girl!!
Your smile can heal pain!!
God bless you!!

Feliz cumpleaños @mbj , Que DIOS TODOPODEROSO derrame sobre ti infinitas bendiciones, me encanta tu sencillez y espontaneidad. Un brindys en tu cumpleaños. Salud



Muchas gracias.
Te ves lindo. ..

que todos tus buenos sueños se hagan realidad este año,

que Dios te bendiga

Happy birthday in advance @mbj. God bless the day you landed earth. Because of you, many have seen light and many more would see. I'm praying that this year be your best year yet. May all your dreams come true and may your every effort count. More productivity and less efforts in this new year of your life.

All rules to this contest have been obeyed to the letter



Just like your name, your face will be full of joy till the time you are alive.
Thanks for your wishes,

Stay blessed.

Amen darling.

Happy birthday @mbj

As you start another 365days journey of your life, may God grant you the fulfillment of your heart desire. And more steem to your acct. Have fun

Valid entry:

I can't stop staring at your face!! You are a real definition of beauty!!

I pray for you in a heart of a baby in the womb!!

"May God grant all your heart desires this year!!!"

Thanks for your wishes! God bless you!

Happy Birthday Mr @mbj

Wishing you God's blessings, long life, and above ALL, A GOOD WIFE!! 😁😁😁😁

Have fun bro and keep soaring!!

Cheers in advance!!!

@desmoniac SF5


Valid entry:

Thanks brother!!

A GOOD WIFE!! 😁😁😁😁

Wow .. that was a very good wish!

Enjoy your stay in service, God bless you!

Hehehe.. You need a good wife to live long bro!

Happy Birthday @mbj
For your birthday
I want to wish you a happy birthday and also want you to know that you are loved by all the steemians, always take care.
GOD bless you sir & ur family.
Stay blessed on steemit, and more steem into your possession.



I want you to know that I love you guys too!!
without you i am nobody here.

May Goodness and greatness keep meeting you on your way.
your face will never stopped shining bright joyously.

God loves you, so do I!!

Happy Birthday @mbj..!!
I wish you more heights, both physically and otherwise
That flower down there is for you... ; )


OMG!!! More height? I doubt you actually know how tall i am.
But all the same, wishing me one of the unique feature about me is wishing me the best.
I can see Beauty, Joy and Happiness Exploring your face.
Thanks for being the first to give me a flower.

God bless you.
Happy Sunday!

You're most welcome @mbj : )
Have fun on your day!

Incredible, Thanks for the art, i really love it.

If you could not comment today, I would come to Nigeria and scold you,I was thinking this but you have made a good comment thank you

Happy womb escape @mbj

Fly free and happy beyond your birthday and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebrate you will never can end.
The sun shine in the day, the moon shine in the night, but you will shine here on steemit every day and every night. happy birthday bro.



Your wishes means a lot,
Thanks brother,

God bless you.

A birthday is a million moments, each holding a promise of fulfillment of your dreams and accomplishments of some special plans.
Its a dedicated ceremony and anniversary, but not wedding. The easy way to tell is its your birthday. Have a cool smile in all the way and have a nice birthday @mbj.


I just smiled on reading your wishes !
I want this million moment to come with million dollars loool.
so that i will take you to one of the best place on earth.
You are damsel, your faces shines!!
God bless you and keep you strong.
Thanks for your wishes
stay awesome.

Happy birthday to the only @MBJ, as time flies, just like yesterday, when a baby was born and now he is a grown up nigga with great vision and backed it up with mission, may you succeed in all your doing as you turn up a new age @MBJ, it so nice to know you're a photographer just as I am
God bless photography
God bless your new age
God bless Steemit


If this is your girlfriend bro, then you are a lucky guy!!
If this is your sister, then i will remain single until i find her.. loooooollll!!!!

Her smile alone is enough for dinner!!! lool!! you guys are looking soo cute, i can score goal through your pretty gap tooth!.. lol!!

Thank you so much for the wishes , it means a lot.... please don't mind my kidding words up there

God bless you !!!

@mbj, I must tell you I mind them, and I must tell her maybe, she will consider that and be my girlfriend lol......
I must confess I think you're fun to be with...
Happy birthday brother, more of it on earth in good health

HURRAY! @MBJ is +1
Today is a day of celebration. Why? Because, years ago on the same day, GOD sent a young man to the planet EARTH. Wishing a steemit colleague @mbj a very happy birthday.

Thanks for your wishes brother!!

stay awesome .
God bless you !

wow. it's gonna be @mbj birthday. Wishing you the best birthday celebration, age with grace, and prosperity in everything you do. Happy birthday in advance


wow !! I love this !! How fast did you do this?
You are true friend and a colleague!!
I have working with for a while now and had no regret.

May your good dreams come true brother.
Remain blessed

Advance happy birthday @mbj

I wish for your more success.Help people in every time like this.



Thanks for your compliments and wishes.
God bless your hustle

Happy birthday @mbj, i pray your days are long and strong, keep living and dont forget to prosper.
@mayorfaruk cares

Valid entry :

Live is a miracle, live it, love it!
May good God answer all your prayers!!

Thanks for your wishes.
Stay awesome.

I wish you everything that makes you happy on your day, long life and prosperity.


Thanks bro.
Never stop striving, there is not limits to what you can achieve.
God bless you.

You are welcome boss


It's almost your birthday @mbj The Special, Veteran Steeemjet member (SF).
I really rejoice with you for making another successful earth rotate 'cause it isn't by your power, it's the special grace of Almighty God.
Happy fabulous birthday, many years to come
And I wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and everyday of your life.
Hip Hip Hip Hurray! 🍦🍭🍮


wow wow wow !!! I wish i can see you right now to give you a tight hug and a bumpy ride!!

All the same!! Someday we shall clash like an opposing wind!

Thank you sooo ma(u)ch!! , Your wishes means a lot!
May good God grant you everything that makes you the happiest woman on earth.
I wish I can see how dip your dimple is lol!!!
Stay awesome.

Chuckling.... You such a funny guy, anyway i will take all those flattering from you as we continue to celebrate you .


Happy Birthday @mbj , may you succeed in all your endeavours, many more steem to your wallet.


And your favourite colour is "blue" :)


Actually the first to guess the color, but after everything i will say whether you are right or not.

Thanks for your wishes.
Stay blessed
Good luck.

Hi @mbj, we want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I hope you have wonderful and successful life.
God bless you.


Oh yeaHH
I love this, the first group selfie!!
Thanks for your wishes brother!!
God bless you !!

ADE mbj 1.jpg

There are some special and rare things in life that get better with age, and i think you are one of such special things.
i pray that this your special day comes along with blessings that will follow you all your life.

As a newbies to steemjet community am glad to wishe you bro.

@adecom cares

               Stay blessed


Thanks for your wishes brother!!
Good God bless you.

Happy birthday in advance

Thanks Brother !! beat the challenger!!

Hi @mbj!

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Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

Thanks . I am at the server already.

Happy birthday mbj✌️
More skills to your artistry works 🤗

Thanks big brother.

I will visit this as soon as my vp charges

HBD Anniversary [email protected]
I wish you all the very best in life. your destiny for greatness bro, i see youon the top asap.
Make your day wonderful and good fun man.



May your faces never lack smiles .
Thanks for your wishes

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happy birthday @mbj,may God almightly bless your new age.


Thanks for your wishes baby!!!
God Bless you!!

happy birthday @mbj I wish you long life and prosperity, I'm not going to abbreviate that (llnp) because I want you to live long

here is my entry for your contest

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