It's 15th Birthday of Gmail: Happy Birthday Gmail

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Hello it's 15th birthday of Gmail. Let's say some good words for Gmail. As a member of Steemit community, I am wishing Gmail, Happy Birthday.


15th birthday!!
We all know, Gmail is a most used free mail service developed by Google. Gmail started it's journey on 1st April 2014. Although that time it was limited beta, later on 7 April 2009 it was started broadly. I started in 2011, from beginning to until today it's my favorite.


New Features
On its birthday, gmail comes with new outstanding features I.e. smart compose, schedule email, and some languages.

  • Smart Compose can adapt to the way users write in personalized greetings. Gmail's suggestions for email phrases can stay true to your voice.
    Smart Compose is available on Android and iOS support will be coming soon. Smart Compose was previously only available on Pixel 3.
  • Email scheduling so messages can be sent at a later date and time.
  • Four new languages in Smart Compose including Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.


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