in #birthday4 years ago


Sometimes I wonder where to start
If I could remember the beginning
then the friendship doesn't really exist

Everyone has a role to play in your life
Just as they give you a spot to shine in theirs
With you's more like an experience


A few years ago
before the SIRS replaced my name
It was clear you knew what you wanted in life

A few years later
with the SIRS permanently my prefix for you
It is evident that God did more than you asked


My love for you is deep
Your love for me is legit
Your love for GOD is a statement

I guess all I am trying to say
Is that your portion of life
was well cooked and served you on a gold plate

Girl, God has better plans for you
and I'll be here every step of the way (not closer than your husband though)
watching you school life and blaze trails

Happy birthday Lynn

-your favourite writer

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