It's My Birthday - You Can Give Me a Present! (And You Could Win 25% of the Post's Payout)

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Just click upvote. And leave a funny comment.

Never, in the history of mankind, has giving a birthday present been so effortless. And it won't even cost you a dime (unless you're a relentless self-upvoter). In fact, if others are feeling generous... you could probably make money by upvoting my birthday post.

Here's a list of reasons I think you should give me a birthday bonus:

  • I write daily on Steemit, trying to pique users' interests in topics like philosophy, happiness, success, motivation, fiction, and more.
  • A typical day sees me helping at least 2 new users in the MinnowSupportProject learn how to do something on the platform that they didn't know before.
  • It's my birthday... and I'll cry if I want to.
  • Making a bit of money on Steemit allows me to dedicate time to writing, so your upvote means I get to do something I love without worrying (as much) about the time I'm spending on it.
  • In the last year I've made 3 major job changes, started a business, moved 3,000 miles from home, and still managed to make time to visit family for a few weeks.
  • Financially, I'm still on a sinking ship, though the bilge has starting working again, and I could use a bonus.

Some of you might care about those things. But for the rest of you...

Here are the reasons why you might actually drop me a vote.

  • The thumbnail picture is pretty.
  • You thought I said I would give you a present.
  • You feel bad for me because if I had friends I wouldn't be on Steemit on my birthday (Hint: Maybe I don't?)
  • I begged you to come comment with something funny.
  • You think this post will make it big.
  • You accidentally upvoted and don't know how to take it back.

Or maybe it's because I'll give 25% of this post's payout to the author who leaves the funniest comment about why other users should upvote my birthday post!


  1. Must upvote (10%) and resteem (15%) this post for full payout, upvote only authors are eligible for a 10% prize.
  2. Must leave a funny comment about why the rest of Steemit should upvote my post (personal insults/jokes totally welcome).

I will determine the winner by a purely objective standard: How hard I laugh when I read it. And...go!

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I've got nothing funny to say on the spot, so pretend we've been friends for years and lots of inside jokes.

Like the time we tripped on the cat scratcher at the golf club. That was funny as hell

I dont want the money
I just wanted to say happy birthday
And i hve nothing funny to say
Notice me Senpai

One should upvote @justinchase's bday post Just in Case it goes to the moon.


And the puns begin!


The puns will never end.

I will upvote because I can't bare to see a grown man cry.... and I'm a sucker for hard workers.... 😁 And, and.... We can eat virtual CAKE 🎂

You should upvote this man simply because his parents cruelly gave him a pun for a name. This has obviously caused him great psychological harm over the course of his life, culminating in this blatant cry for attention.

It should be abundantly clear to anyone that any grown ass man who uses a picture of the Powerpuff Girls in a post for any reason whatsoever has some seriously deep seated issues and should most likely be placated in whatever manner he requests for the safety of the community as a whole.

Also, pretzels.

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Happy bday :) mine was a week ago and i ended up spending the day before it and my whole bday week jail because of some real asshole cops :(

Anyway overall im alive and it helped me break some fears and was actually a good opportunity for growth.

Just a reminder that even if its the most boring bday you have just remember your (hopefully) not in jail and (somewhat) free


Once, on this day,
Not too far back,
A treasure had formed
From a meer twitch in a sack.
A spunky wee sperm
Went running amok
If it had been anal
He would have been fucked.
But lo, and behold,
On this marvelous day
A Justin was made
From a roll in the hay.
And though his mother's down unders
Be wrecked aft to stern
I am sure, to this day,
She was glad he were born!


(I didn't really follow the criteria because I don't care about the prize. I just wanted to give you a laugh and smile for your birthday.)


Buddists would say happy manifestation day <3

As birth and death imply there was nothing then you were born then their was nothing again.

In truth we know we are made of energy and energy cannot die it can only change forms.

Kind of Like a flame, it manifests when conditions are right and then changes form until it is needed again.


The tricky thing about life... is that no one survives it
Life is Death, and Death is Life ..

Happy birthday my steemit nemesis buddy! lol Hope you are well. I'm back in the USA. First time in three years. I have a series of possibly offensive posts regarding my big time culture shock. Posted part one of 6 tonight. Just some serious observations I couldn't ignore after living in South and Central America for the past three years. I think you'd find them interesting, a series of fresh eye opinions you may not be ready for or maybe it's old news for you. Anyway hope you are well.