Woohooo!! It's My Bellybutton Birthday!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in birthday •  3 months ago

I was born August 12th 1981 @ 0608. In Iowa City, Iowa in University Hospital.

1 month premature and I spent 21 days in an incubator.

Today I turn 37 years old.


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Happy birthday Justin.

Happy birthday from the cannabis community!!

Feliz cumpleaños Justin ;)

The Cannabis community would be no where without your tireless dedication and help.

Happy B-Day and much respect to an amazing Cannabis activist. This man has helped many people and has endless love.

You deserve many blessings and have much respect! We never will forget your help and support.

From the entire Cannabis community is like to say that you are a blessed human being.

Happy Birthday. Enjoy it.

HBD fellow Leo, youre in one of my groups but i forgot which one! Mine was the 4th. Rawrrrr 🦁
hope you had a great day and blessed year. sent here by ganj.

Happy birthday! Stay lit and happy Steeming!

Happy belated birthday!!
I a Leo too. Mine is the 10th!!
See you next year birthday buddy!

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Happy B-Day! Tried to stop by to drop off a present. Will be around let me know when you have time!

You always have had the hugest heart and are an inspiration.

May all of your dreams become your life.

Happy belated birthday my brother. Glad you are here with us!

HAPPY Birthday little buddy!


whoa, fancy meeting you here 😛