Big Happiness with the Big Family

in birthday •  last year 


Hello hello everyone! @jefersond is here!!!😁Lately, we have a great time together with my granparents, aunties, brothers and sister, and also with my beloved parents. Thanks to God for another year He have given to my brother, and more memories to be made for me to make up more time to him.


As his older brother, I want to make up some times with him because we have lived separately. But now that I became more mature, I realized that I wasted a lot of time for unnecessary things that make good memories with him. I've been so hard to him and bullied him before, not knowing what a great mistake I have made in my life.

Now, I know how important family is. So I should sieze the moment when they are with me and love them more like no other.

Thank You 🤗

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Wow nice jealous oooo

don't be. every family is unique to be love

Yea i agree