My Blockchain Birthday - 3 Years and still going strong as @c0ff33a ☕️

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It seems like just yesterday, but March 2017 was the first time I encountered Blockchain thanks to @oldguyphotos.
]Screenshot 20200327 at 20.43.56.png

And I'm still going strong after all that time, 40 Moons and heading towards reputation 73. Who knows what the next 9 months will hold, but I know I will still be putting a big chunk of time and effort into Blockchain - will you be too?

Last Confirmed Block Number 42,022,807 Last Aslot 42,166,329

Steemd v0.22.1

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I also distribute coffee roasting machines and also espresso coffee machines and roast my own Speciality Coffee Range. being one of the premium coffee suppliers Yorkshire including a wide range of filter coffee sachets. Finally I have a dedicated website to my Artisan small batch roasted coffee featuring roast and post packs and super easy coffee subscriptions

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Hi @c0ff33a

Congratulations on your 3 year day at Steem Blockchain.

As you know you have my witness support and I also hope that you can become a top 20 witness during the year 2020

Happy STEEM Birthday! 🎂

Congratulations on reaching 3 Steem years!

I never did write my 2nd year Steemversary post - it was the beginning of this month but that's when all hell was breaking loose and I was steering clear!

What's your take on it all?

I'm probably still going to post on both platforms, as a music producer, it seems silly to cut off a place I've been building a (nearly 70) reputation on and earned on... I don't really have any "controversial views" so if I get censored because my DnB is too hot to handle then something would be seriously awry!

Congrats my friend. Glad you are still around. This two platform thing is confusing.

Awesome shit my man! Happy to 'witness' such an occasion 😜

So glad you are here, bringing your awesomeness to the platform! 😊

Happy Steem Anniversary! May there be many more! :-)

good stuff ! i and 2+years but no where achieve anything...

Congratulation! Happy Steemit Birthday!

Congratulations Robert on the happy 3. Wish you loads of success in the years to come. Sadly Steem does not hold the same vibrancy but the legacy can always be carried forward on Hive.

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