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The common buzzard (Buteo buteo)

Once in the summer I walked through a harsh impassable forest, there flows a river that does not freeze even in winter, and the whole area is wet, swampy.


This is the place.

Suddenly, I heard a plaintive "meow"! I did not understand at first, then i listened carefully, but yes, it’s definitely someone mewed. I immediately thought that it could be a lynx, but where should she be from, in such a forest... And then some big bird flashed in the crowns of trees and meowed. It turned out that these birds make such mournful nasal sounds resembling a mewing cat.


I followed the bird, and it turned out that she was not alone there, and they had a nest there on top of a spruce. They flew around me telling each other about my location.





Первый раз слышу о том, что эти хищники мяукуют. Всегда считал, что они издают грозные звуки.

Wonderful photos of this magnificent bird! The area where they have chosen to nest is beautiful. Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday! !Tip

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