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Been an interesting last couple weeks at work. For days we were hearing a mother bird squaking at our job site and ended up finding a nest full of little ones just about ready to fly between some rafters. I poked my head up and got a pic the click from the phone scared the crap out of them and they all flew right past my head to get outta there. I damn near fell off my ladder haha. Got a pic of them. Also a pic of another bird that flew into something and was just getting back to consciousnesses. I brought him home at lunch to give him a safe place to recover and later that day when I got home he was right as rain. I brought him outside and he flew off. Mission accomplished :D FEDC9C8C-B9AD-4CA6-9B88-ED3F7A3A25B3.jpeg


Awesome post.... Can't believe it perched on your finger.....

Nice pics, beautiful bird! Having a bird on your finger instead of being the finger is certainly refreshing lol

Yes haha much better than flipping the bird

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