Strange holes

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Walking around on the hill I noticed this in the mossy bed covering the rocks and my imagination was working overtime thinking about what could have made the hole.

mossy hole.jpg

One morning visiting my mother, she pointed out an area in her flower bed where the soil was full of the same sized holes and told me that the Hadedas were to blame. Aha! mystery solved!

Image: Wikipedia, Dawid Loubser, CC BY-SA 2.5

Hadedas are large, duck-sized birds in the Ibis family and they are unusual in that they have chosen to adapt to an urban environment so instead of their populations diminishing with increased urbanisation, they are flourishing and can often be seen in suburban gardens either singly or in groups, busy digging away in lawns and flower beds with their large beaks as they hunt for worms, grubs, crickets and other insect delicacies. These noisy birds are named for their raucous calls and have a habit of defecating as they take flight. Heaven help you if they do so near the washing line, you will need to redo your laundry! They are also not considered edible, just a noisy nuisance.

I used to have them visiting my garden but my cats like stalking them and chasing them although the birds are in no danger, due to their size. It's a pity, because there are large numbers of beetle grubs in the soil.

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Beautiful bird!


Very noisy bird!

Vary strang

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Vary strang

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Looks amazing!

We have ibis doing the same thing and living in suburbia


Here I was thinking that Ibises were only found in Africa! They do seem to be quite happy to live in suburbia

Mystery solved. :-)

I've never heard of ducks. Very interesting creation of nature.

Ha! I would’ve never guessed that it is birds making these holes... was thinking of a mouse or some other ground dwelling rodent when I saw the first picture.


Or some large insect had dug a hole


Yes.... I imagined some creature that dug it and crawled into it for some reason.

The exotic nature of the birds.
They are beautiful and useful for cleaning the garden.
Maybe in urban areas they do not have predators
Greetings and a hug, dear @nikv.


There are lots of gardens for them to hunt in. Dogs chase them quite a lot but it doesn't seem to bother them

They are a more attractive looking bird than the Ibis, I like the pink on its wing.


I also like iridescence in bird feathers

Interesting! The birds would enjoy that and they have been congregating around the birding tag.

And I was betting on giant spiders!

This means you're having ducks now?