Stellar's Jay acrylic flow painting complete (part 2/2)

in birds •  11 months ago


I was walking home when I saw a stellar's jay and just the day before I had told a fellow artist that I wanted to paint one.

I had been itching to do another pour. I am new to flow painting but I love it. It liberates me in a way.

I am still fairly new to painting. I have probably put about 2000 hours into learning. Only another 8000 and I can call myself proficient!

I have spent more time procrastinating and resisting my creative impulses. Why?


Afraid of doing it wrong. Or doing it right and never being able to maintain the facade of knowing what the hell I am doing?

I don't yet feel like I have emerged with a style. I get envious of artists that do have a style. They have probably put more effort in, so I am going to stop envying and keep exploring. See the first phase of this painting, before I added the stippling and green accents here:

I am grateful for flow painting and the way it has given me permission to be messing and less rigid. I am ready to have some fun!

What are you grateful for today?

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Stellar's Jay acrylic flow painting very beautifull, succes always for you, Greetings from @happysmart for you.