The false fountain

in #birds4 years ago

The commemorative plaque commemorating the founding of the farm Valschfontein or False Fountain.

Another angle of the pan with one of the windmills in view that maintains the pan.

Of course if there is something to climb then it should be climbed.

Some more water birds, a pair of coots.

A nesting tern.

It's hard to catch the birds in flight with auto focus on. It tends to focus on the background.


This is a great post @mandela, but why do we(humans) have negligible attitude to our enviroment?

Until we rise and take care of our enviroment, we won't get the best we ought to get out of it.

it seems like this place has long been abandoned, I am interested in the birds around him, what are you doing on the giant fan?

The ducks seems to be having a great time. Not paying attention is bad? Lollll

Great step. We should take care of our environment.

really amazing but what u build for birds as they fly in air and have danger situation for these fly bleads. Can u have any other bids safty choice? @mandela thanks for best answering and dont angry on my questions.

words inspire us in our work

that post is inspireing realy nice work keep it up buddy !

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.

Beautiful, we need to take care of our environment, the beauty that persists and tells that humanity still believe in betterment of living. :-)

Our planet is not safe place for animals and plants. Thousand of species have become extinct and many more are now endangered.
One of the main treats to the survival of many plants and animals is industrialisation. This causes pollution and acid rain, which destroy forests and harm many species of plant.
Another treats is man! We are destroying the animals natural habitats and polluting environment so there is nowhere for them to live or find food. We need to do something fast before it is too late for them.
Firstly, I think we can try to clean up our environment. The less pollution we produce, the more chance animals have of surviving.
Another solution is to create more national parks and conservation areas. This would be allow animals to live and breed safely in their natural habitats. As a result, their numbers would increase and species would not die out.
In conclusion, there are many ways to make our world a better place for animals and plants. We all need to do whatever we can!

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Ike sang han ku pateh.

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words inspire us in our work

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Very nice natural world! I love them so much!

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