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Hello my dear friends!
Birds come to us with various injuries. The most common is wing injury. Rarely - leg injury. By the way, the second is much worse, because the birds quickly get used to the impossibility of flying and lead a fairly active life on earth, but without a leg, the bird is doomed to a miserable existence and quickly dies.

But there are also especially talented birds that manage to break their jaws. This is really a problem. Such a bird may well live and eat normally, but under certain conditions. So, for example, Mart the swan can only eat food that has been soaked in water. In addition, care must be taken that the bird does not fly away, because without the help of a human it will die.

I am not a fan of wing clipping because it can affect balance and thermoregulation during the cold season. Therefore, such birds live in aviaries. As for Mart, despite the broken jaw, he was able to eat a decent weight, so he is not striving for flights yet 😁









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