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It is always a joy when your efforts give a positive result. It inspires, gives hope, increases your strength. Today I again photographed the pigeon Masha. If you remember, I found this chick covered in blood, her head was broken. Probably adult pigeons tried to kill her.
Today it is a fun and sociable bird. She almost fully feathered. Masha loves to sit on my palms. She perceives me as her mother because I fed her and cared for her. I see the result of my work and I understand that everything was not in vain.

These are today pictures








Come a long way in a short time. Is she going to say with you for her lifetime?

I'm afraid so. Such birds are not adapted for independent survival.

wow--what a cute sweet litle baby

what an awesome life to be able to serve our fellow creatures and see them heal and grow

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