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in #birding3 years ago


Brown Thrashers are relatively common, however I don't usually get any good pictures of them.


I usually hear them "thrashing" around in bushes and shrubs before I actually see them.


I was pleased when this one landed on a well lit branch just in front of me.


He was talking alot and looking around for something, which reminds me of most humans I know!


Have a wonderful "feathered" Friday everyone.

All pictures taken by @rawruss with a Nikon D3400 w/ 80 to 400mm lens. Get Thrashed!


What a lovely bird! The photos turned out really nice :-)
Wishing you a great feathered Friday too!

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You may have just identified my mystery bird. I see them every fall when they come to eat berries off my vines.

Mystery solved! (Hopefully).

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