Black-throated Mango (Anthracothorax nigricollis) - Birds of the Guyanas 26 - and a Squirrel Monkey

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The female Black-throated Mango strongly resembles a female Green-throated Mango and both of them look very similar to the juvenile male Green-throated Mango. It can be very tricky identifying these birds. Is this a female in the first picture? I'm quite convinced that the bird in the next picture is juvenile male Green-throated Mango. But am I right?


Anyway, the bird in the next picture is definitely a male Black-throated. As all hummingbirds they eat a lot of nectar so you'll find them in gardens with lots of flowers. But this one prefers flowers higher up in trees.


It also breeds high up in the trees where it builds a small cup shaped nest on a bare branch. It's not that I've seen one, only three breeding observations have been reported over the last fifty years on


Like all hummingbirds this one is quite small as well. They are around 10 cm in length and weigh only 7 grams.


Last weekend when I was looking for birds in the park I saw a squirrel monkey. They are usually high up in the trees and difficult to photograph but this time I was lucky. The squirrel monkey is only 30 cm long (without the tail) and weighs up to 1 kg.

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