White-throated Sparrow

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WTSP_6445 Easterday Road 2-3-2019.JPG
White-throated Sparrow Zonotrichia albicollis

Today I once again went to the bird feeding station at the end of Easterday Road at the very southern corner of Pierce County where for the last few winters White-throated Sparrow(s) have been regular. In Washington we see two Zonotrichia sparrows regularly, White-crowned Sparrow and Golden-crowned Sparrow. White-throated Sparrow is the common sparrow in this genus in the eastern U.S., but is uncommon in much of the west.

White-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia leucophrys
White-crowned and White-throated Sparrows are fairly similar, but with a good look it is not difficult to tell them apart. The WTSP has a well defined white throat, with a dark inferior border, and with a good look you can see a yellow spot in the lores, the area just in front of the eye.

Golden-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia atricapilla

Today the feeders were active, and withing a couple of minutes I saw a tan-striped morph White-throated Sparrow. It ducked in and out, and I couldn't get a decent photo, but a minute later a bright white-striped morph showed up, and I managed this poor-quality photo.

I am feeling really good about my start to the year in birding Washington, with 164 species so far, and in Pierce County with 119 species.
Good birding. Steem on!


thank you for the information, good pictures

Looks like a bird from the game "angry birds" haha! Btw, whats up with that orange line in the first picture/?

The orange line is a plastic post in the yard by the feeder. The feeder is in a private driveway, so I don't get out of the car to better frame a photo there, trying to be at least a little respectful of the owner's privacy. Good question though.

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