Pileated Woodpecker and Lots of Green Today

in #birding4 years ago

PIWO_0622 2019-04-10 Sequalichew Creek Trail .JPG
Pileated Woodpecker Dryocopus pileatus

Today I got out to beat the midday rain on the Sequalitchew Creek Trail in Dupont, WA. I managed 3 first-of-the-year species and great looks at lots of others. The highlight of the day though was the Pileated Woodpecker above who was just destroying the top of a large snag. I'm not sure if he was making a nest cavity, or just feeding, but he stayed on this one spot for over 30 minutes.

The emerging greenery was the other highlight. These Licorice Ferns Polypodium glycyrrhiza were everywhere.
Liquerish Ferns_0676 2019-04-10 Sequalichew Creek Trail .JPG

PAWR_0647 2019-04-10 Sequalichew Creek Trail .JPG
This Pacific Wren Troglodytes pacificus was the only one I saw, but they were if full song seemingly in every direction.

In contrast to the nature, I also liked the graffiti in the tunnel under the railroad tracks at the end of the trail.
Status_0670 2019-04-10 Sequalichew Creek Trail .JPG

Good birding! Good day!


The woodpecker is wonderful! Especially "hairstyle"! 😄
He is somewhat similar to our black woodpecker, the same long neck, a cap on his head. Probably they are distant relatives.

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