Big Birds in Orting Today

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SACR_7825 2019-02-20 Orting .JPG
The immature Sandhill Crane Grus canadensis remains in Orting.

Today I just got out for brief a birding foray to Sumner and Orting, hoping to find the Tundra Swan seen there yesterday by Heather Voboril, but alas, lots of the much more common Trumpeter Swans, but no luck finding a Tundra Swan. In Washington the story of swans has evolved significantly over my time birding here. When I first got here, Tundra Swans were relatively commonly found in areas like the Skagit and Samish Flats, and farther south, but Trumpeter Swans were very uncommon. We had to go to very specific areas in hopes of finding small numbers of Trumpeter's. Lead from the lead shot used in duck and goose hunting is blamed at least in part for their breeding failure, but the banning of lead shot, and some captive breeding programs have led to a dramatic change in their population trend. Now we have many thousands of Trumpeter Swans that winter in WA, and we need to look hard to find Tundra Swans in our county.

TRSW_7849 2019-02-20 Orting .JPG
Two of the many Trumpeter Swans Cygnus buccinator we saw today.
The lone immature Sandhill Crane (see photo above) I posted about earlier is still hanging out in the residential neighborhood in Orting, and Bruce and I swung by to look for it today. It was in the same yard as last visit.

PEFO_7841 at Farm on Orting Loop 2019-02-20.JPG
A domestic Peacock almost demanded to have his photo taken.

On the west Orting farm loop we also smiled to see the Peacocks (and Pea hens) that are bred by a resident there.

Nice to get out even if nothing (other than the SACR) remarkable was found.

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Good birding. Steem on!


Soooo pretty! :)

muy bonitas aves

Hehe, Tundra Swan, it seems they are from russian tundra (siberian forests) :)

By the way, I listened to your podcasts, you have a great speech! Even I, who are not very strong in English, quite understand what is at stake. I like leisurely clear speech.

Thanks for the feedback on the podcast. I have had fun with it so far and hope to continue to enjoy.

The Sandhill crane is a grand looking bird. Are they looking to make nestS at this time?

They are beginning their northward migration to nest in the plains of the notthern U.S. and Canada. There are non-migratory populations in Florida and parts of the southern U.S. also.

Beautiful birds, thanks for sharing.

¡Just beautiful!

These are great shots! I love sandhill cranes. I've never seen one on the ground, just flying overhead.

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genial, de donde son originarios?


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Except for peacocks, goose geese and cranes are monogamous, and the love will never change until death. If a spouse dies, the other one will remain alone until he or she dies.

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