Benefits of birds

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are vertebrates, belonging to cold blood. There are tens of thousands of bird species, living in different environments of the world, from the North Pole to the South. The birds are characterized by their binary movement, wings and colored feathers. The eggs lay the core of the veneer, and their necks are without teeth. They have a high food representation, four heart chambers, and a lightweight and strong skeleton. Most birds have the ability to fly except for species such as ostriches, penguins, The species that inhabit the islands, possess digestive and competitive devices suitable for aviation, and some birds such as parrot are characterized by high intelligence. Many types of birds migrate annually and for long distances, some of them flying short distances and irregularly, and are characterized as social animals; they communicate through visual signals, sounds and singing, and participate in many social behaviors, such as cooperation in raising children, hunting, The male marries a single female, and some males marry a polygamous marriage. The male is married to more than one female. The female puts the eggs in the nest, incubates them until they hatch, and takes care of the young for a long time after hatching


The benefits of birds

are an important source of useful meat sources. Supplying humans with eggs rich in food.

Use feathers in the manufacture of cushions and comfortable mattresses.

The use of pigeons in conveying messages in the past. Eliminate insects and small worms harmful to agricultural crops.

Have an important role in the process of pollination of flowers; by transferring the pollen from one flower to another, and the spread of seeds by her legs.

Enter into human cultures; as a source of inspiration and inspiration for poets, photographers and artists.

Most modern airplanes mimic the shapes of birds. Have an economic importance in commercial exchange between bird sellers.

Can be raised at home to enjoy its colors and colors. Waste is used in the fertilizer industry.

Ways to take care of birds Provide the right place to feel comfortable and comfortable before the breeding season, by processing a small wooden box, and a little depth, hanging from the branches of trees, or carry at a height of not less than a meter and a half, and provide him with food and water regularly, or suspend the seeds of pistachios, Or put half a coconut under the box; so that the birds return to him and also accessible to small birds, and must be in the box slant forward to avoid the entry of rain and scorching sun, in addition to cleaning these boxes and nests after the breeding season. Feeding birds; by providing them with natural food, flipping soil to get worms, and cultivating some plant species

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