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If you want the voice, choose a male sexed turkey with the characteristics if the foot chop is tight +/- 1 cm-an then it is certain that the male knee and the females are more tenuous, the larger and erect body, the tail together.
Bathe them regularly. How to bathe it simply by spraying water using spray.
Jemurlah tekukur in the morning from the start at 7 to 9 hours can also more. For drying this must be done because the sun in the morning is very good for turtledoves.


For feeding, the main foods for turtledoves are seeds, brown rice, milets, corn grains and added vitamins and minerals to food or drink.
Lastly, Make the atmosphere around the bird friendly and safe, not to be close to animals that can make a torture fears and disturbed because it will make the bird becomes stress and can affect the quality


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