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Well it's unavoidable the process has began. The miners will have to implement this, we as investors have to deal with this. Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) is officially locked in, its here people right now. All the players are aware you should be too, and know how to approach this uncertain period. With total majority of 90 % of all hash power, hence BIP 148 will be obsolete in August soft fork hard fork.


Upgrade initiated so far so good, yet we are not out of the cold yet. Between 30July to the 3 August a few exchanges and crypto platforms in general, will have interruptions during this process. Some major player in particular, It was stated that deposits and withdrawal will be down during that perod. Won't be business as usually for the most part.

Without getting too technical, miners need to embed data called “bit 1” in the blocks they mine. In order to facilitate the Segwit upgrade all of this will have to be implimented in the process. Now the implication of Segwit was said is more complex and uncertain, Its a little technical than stated here. It's not ascertain what August will bring for even the experts. I recommend you to protect your Bitcoins by all means, convert it to alternative crypto or fiat just to be on the safe side, untill this transition as pass. To some it up this is really still a wait and see what happens situation.


The problem with hedging into other cryptos during a Bitcoin crash is that their prices are also affected so the best hedge would be into USDT or fiat if you really think its going to drop. If it does drop the price will rebound very quickly once all uncertainty is cleared up. We are more bullish than ever before- Just crossed the 96B market cap today again :)

Good point @hotsauceislethal very valid. Just to provide some clarity when I mentioned alternative I was leaning towards coins not on the blockchain, for example IOTA. The value of IOTA is very low to begin with $0.264172 currently. Note the significance here is alternative digital currency. Frankly speaking the consensus is to go with fiat, of which I agree with you. Truth in fact that Bitcoin momentum moves everything the same direction its going, this we can all agree on.

We are all hoping for the Bulls to continue its uprising.

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