The Chain-Split Make or Bust? It's A Positive For Me

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Coming from CNBC's Article what does it spell for Bitcoin? Nirvana or Doomsday? Give or take it is a real pain when core development upgrades all the necessary bells to keep the cogs of the algorithm moving smoothly. So what is the effect it will have on Bitcoin investment globally could we see record gains or record losses. What gets me, the past two months we see Bitcoins record-breaking up by 100,000 percent, and even though we Bitcoiner's were clinking our bubbly glasses last month in praise of Bitcoins jubilation, we could be broke or rich from the incoming chain-split come August the first.
So what are your views on the incoming upgrade? A good friend and Broker of mine told me on the day of reckoning to trade on the negative an effective, simple strategy that could make a few people heavy coughers if you know what I mean!
I will be keeping my Bitcoin, as I have done for quite some time now, and if it falls to $1500.00 so be it, my research has given me an opportunistic strategic move in Bitcoin. I'll give you an example BTM machine installations are up in North America, Europe, South East Asia and Australia what that means is the core of Cryptocurrency is about to gain bigger momentum in innovation and value the next 3 - 5 years. If you have common sense, you would see this hard-fork as a reason to buy Bitcoin while it is down. It will possibly be the last time for the average investors to buy Bitcoin I say five Bitcoin and just sit on it. Segwit x2 and BIP 148 strategy could split Bitcoin in two if that happens it will be an all-out war for miners and developers. But for us, investors well like a dime a dozen too many noobs freak out on hype motives... I say why? It's simple, the wealthier Bitcoin and Alternative Cryptocurrencies become. Blockchain technology is a juggernaut and can not be stopped period, especially when we have over eight hundred cryptocurrencies added to the crypto-ecosystem at present.

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I think a hard fork will be bad for everyone, and for bitcoin. I can't really see any benefits of it for anyone. It makes sense to implement Segwit2x


Yes absolutely I say this all the time... to think of what happened to Ethereum and it's hardfork what it has done and continues to so. Here's a clear example....

Segwitx2 will make transaction flow rate run smoothly the only way "Micro-transactions" we will see how miners respond.