Can you identify these seeds?

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During a recent Biomimicry workshop, we talked extensively about the various ways plants disperse their seeds. We talked about hitch-hickers, takeaways, juicy fruits, winged seeds, parachutes, floaters, spinners, exploders, pepperpots, and all the other ingenious ways plants use animals and the elements to push their seeds far and wide!

As part of the workshop, people brought in all kinds of seeds they have gathered. Some are easy to identify, others not so much. For example, the big one in the center of the picture below is a Baobob tree.

Do you know what these seeds grow?

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I love to see the patterns. Its interesting to see how plants congregate depending on the method they use to disperse their seeds. How there will be more of certain plants together because their seeds disperse in a way that they don't travel as far, like nature needs a lot of that type of plant right there.


Nature has a way of optimizing its energy. Big trees, usually use methods that push their children out into the world, since they can't really grow in their shadows. While annual plants or ones that today are usually taken out by humans or animals, tend to disperse their seeds in large quantities in a limited radius, to ensure survival. Each technique has its why, which is all the more fascinating!