Unsteady current of the biomass pellet machine

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The ring die as well as the pressing roller of the biomass pellet maker revolve at a continuous speed, and the working state of each split second is essentially the same. If the amount of feed product is the same, the power intake need to additionally be fairly steady, and also the present will certainly be assessed the motor. Also fairly secure.

When the biomass pellet machinery machinery is working, we change the feeding quantity as long as the material thickness in the feeding area is less than the maximum beginning factor of the pressing area, it will straight impact the length of the effective workspace of journalism area and also journalism location, and also create the present to flow.

The change and also the modification of the per hour result of the biomass pellet tool, and if the density of the product layer in the feeding area is above the optimum starting factor of the pressing location, along with raising the thickness of the material layer in the feeding area, it will not influence the per hour outcome and also energy usage each time.

If there is any influence, it will certainly no more cause adjustments in existing and biomass pellet machine output. Because the thickness of the material layer in the feeding area goes beyond the maximum beginning point of journalism zone, the interval between journalism area as well as the pressing area is constant without any change. In the interval where the multi-feed material is located, the securing angle is higher than the critical rubbing angle, as well as the product will not be pressed right into journalism location.

This way, with the boost of the feeding amount of the biomass pellet maker, the equilibrium of in and out is damaged, as well as the in is above the out, as well as the material layer in the feeding area is It will certainly collect thicker and also thicker until all the gaps are loaded and also obstructed to the feed port, to make sure that the biomass pellet machinery can not function generally. At this time, the current will certainly boost.

In the actual job of the biomass pellet machinery, with the modification of the feeding amount, the instantaneous output and the current of the primary motor will transform appropriately. And when the feeding thickness does not surpass the optimum beginning factor of journalism area, it will not create more and more material layers in the feeding location due to the increase in the quantity of powder we feed.

As has actually been said prior to, the area that can cause instantaneous output as well as power intake modifications must be the two locations of work and also material layers - the compression location as well as the biomass pellet tool extrusion location, so we believe that the third area pointed out over- - The sensible presence of the feeding location has certain problems.

That is to claim, the fed material layer is dispersed in the compaction location, the extrusion location and the feeding location whose overall density does not exceed the maximum entry factor of the compaction location.

The biomass pellet maker will certainly function typically under the allowable power. If the amount is also big and also goes beyond the density of the maximum beginning factor of the compaction location, the product layer will certainly build up and slowly rise, as well as the biomass pellet making machine will certainly not function typically. Present is rising and fall.

Through the above evaluation, allow's go over some phenomena showed by the biomass pellet equipment under two feasible working conditions:

( 1 )When the power of the primary electric motor is not large enough compared to the corresponding biomass pellet machine granulation criteria, the density of our feed is at the end of the extrusion zone and the optimum access factor of the compression area (this will certainly differ with the raw products, compression proportion, effective length-diameter proportion, moisture, stress rollers as well as other variable elements to readjust accordingly), typically will not go beyond the optimum starting point, with the boost of the feeding quantity, the compression location will transform appropriately.

The length of the interval will certainly be shortened, as well as the interval length of the press location will gradually increase accordingly, and the current of the primary electric motor will additionally gradually raise till it reaches the optimum permitted use. If the present gets to the protection value we set, and the density of the feeding material has actually not exceeded the density of the maximum beginning factor of the biomass pellet machine pushing location, if the feeding quantity is enhanced, the safety system will certainly act, and also the excess powder will be released. In order to make certain the typical function of biomass pellets.

( 2 )Mean the power of the primary electric motor is very large or the electric motor falls short to overload after the thickness of the feeding material surpasses the density of the optimum starting point of the pressing location because of the thorough modifications of numerous variables. Currently, the powder fed to the people can not boost the moment result, nor will it trigger the rise of the main motor current, yet can just remain to increase the powder heap collected in the tool up until the inner cavity of the biomass pellet press machinery is obstructed.

Trigger the biomass pellet maker to not function properly. Of course, this special phenomenon seldom happens in actual manufacturing (if the raw material dampness is as well huge, the reliable facet proportion is also tiny, the stress roller is drastically put on and also the void is not adjusted effectively, the raw material is replaced, etc, this phenomenon may take place), this is our undesired conditions.

In-depth analysis of the first commonly used functioning state, it is easy to recognize that on the premise that the appropriate conditions are the same, with the modification of the feeding amount, the interval length of the compression area as well as the extrusion zone is within a specific array Matching modifications are additionally made (the feed circulation rate is lowered, the size of the extrusion area is decreased, as well as the size of the compression area is extended; or else, the extrusion area is expanded and the compression area is reduced), as well as the feeding quantity does not go beyond the stress. When the thickness of the maximum beginning factor of the tight location is worried, the sizes of the above two periods are not a constant worth when this short article is composed. The larger the extrusion zone size worth, the greater the biomass pellet maker production efficiency and also the longer the pellet length per extrusion per roller.

For that reason, it is concluded that the aspects of present instability under the condition of managing the feeding amount require to be explored from the moisture content of the raw material, the reliable facet proportion is as well little, the stress roller is severely used and also the space is not adjusted appropriately, and also the raw products are changed.

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