Terminology of nerves in arm, introducing the extensor nerve and the flexor nerve

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Christopher McCandles said in Into the Wild and possibly in his actual diary too, to "call things by their right name". This is also a quote from a poem, he quoted it from a poem (at least in the movie. ) I agree. I think that the terminology used in anatomy is a bit wrong, often. I would prefer the term "extensor nerve" for the radial nerve in the arm, the nerve of the posterior division of the limb bud, and "flexor nerve" for the medial nerve, the nerve of the anterior division. Both functional and topological names can exist, I just like the name "extensor nerve". Same with the sciatic nerve, it is the "flexor nerve". This also relates to how "cephalic vein" is misnamed, the word was originally "upper", not "head". Mistranslated from arabic. Same with basilic, the term was "lower". They are the pre-axial and post-axial veins and originally this was the terms for them too. It got lost in translation.

"Cephalic, in the case of this vein, is said to be unrelated to cephalic as pertaining to the head. Rather, it derives from the Arabic word al-kifal meaning “outer”, its position on the arm. In transition from the Arabic it mistakenly became “cephalic”.

Basilic Vein – In this case, basilic is derived, not from the Greek and Roman words related to royalty but from the Arabic al-basilik mean “inner” due to its location. "

It confuses people trying to learn, when the dominant terminology does not make sense.