Be as water

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I am a little obsessed with explaining biology as I understand it. Partly because I hope that one-day my work will make it back to the people closest to me.

The ones who see me as “over the top”. The ones who talk about balance as if it existed outside of homeostasis- of terra-stasis.

The ones who cant get past the paradigm that plants are somehow holy and mobile organisms are either pets or pests.

Projecting opinion onto reality can be clever, we make amazing things, but have we ever done anything that had a net positive impact on biodiversity?

Even the great Nicholas Tesla, engineer, and a philosopher, did he consider what the effects would be of focusing and redirecting energy?

In our desire to tame nature and make our world more comfortable - we can never create energy, all we can do is remove relationship and borrow the energy that used to exist there.

We draw straight lines, where nature was taking the least direct path with the most incredible contrast.

We use levers and lenses, surface areas and edges, inclined planes to drive wedges - we short circuit biodiversity. Keeping only what is domestic-able, what will succumb to conditioning and follow our lines.

Back to the wave, back to the wobble, back to true balance,
Out of the groove and back to groovy!

Yeah Baby! The ocean is my teacher15B5508F-CC5A-4BF7-B09D-4517EDC91634.jpeg

B as water

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good article. I used to be a fisherman. but not anymore ..@freemoceanisnow..thanks for sharing

"The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation ofEnergy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; "

I will just comment a quotes relating to water "This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is" - Dennis Rodman ♥


Had not heard that one. Love that feeling as the cool water rushes over.


It's like taking the risk and finally overcome it ♥ Thanks for replying, for that, Up and followed! :)

Damn it! I have an Upvote break...but I will reeesteeem this great post!!! Great one! Ocean is my teacher, my lover, my world! Steem and surf on🌸👊🏽


Thank you so much, so nice to resonate with you on this, lucky we are to allow the Ocean to swell in our hearts :)


Ay! So true! I miss mother ocean! I will follow ya and try to support more and more! Hugs my dear!