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RE: Adolescence: The Hallmark of Humanity?

in #biology5 years ago

Does the wrong definition and humanization of other animals disturb you in the use of language and perception of us humans? I'm not quite sure how I should take up your article. Do you want things to be understood biologically correct by viewers when we talk about the animal kingdom or watch documentaries? I think it is quite harmless that we humans call young animals adolescents, or even teenagers, because it gives us access and compassion for the animals. The humanization may serve me that I do not like mammals for eating alone, but that I wish to preserve animal habitat.

But since I am not with animals, no farmer, no zoo worker, ranger or observer of animals in the wild, but only a city dweller who has to do with human animals, I cannot judge all this very well.

To what extent is it relevant for a cell biologist to know that there is no growth spurt except perhaps in primates?


I am no cell biologist first of all, despite what some of my articles apparently might lead someone to believe!

I just thought it was interesting that perhaps only humans have real adolescence. That's all. It would be equally interesting if only humans had a childhood or whatever.

Juvenile lions exist, so why not just call them that?

I'm just interested in accuracy. I've seen too many inaccurate descriptions lead to full-blown fallacies, even from people who should know better because it's their field, so I'm in favor of being careful about how we use our vocabulary.

I'm not against loose language, as long as the person understands well that he is using it metaphorically.

People's emotional language toward animals leads some to what I believe is probably a whole lot of projection of humanity that's just not there. People even do it with plants and are quite convinced that plants can feel things.

But anyway, I love animals myself, and had many as a kid and still do. I found that tidbit about adolescence by accident in a book on endocrinology I was reading and it fascinated me and I started looking into it and then a whole post was produced out of that.

Thanks for reading!

I am sometimes forgetful to give a sign of recognition to your work (it happens not only with you but with all people I feel familiar with:) - your research on this (and all other topics) is extraordinary.

And indeed, if I had been asked if animals were going through adolescence, I might have guessed "yes".

People's emotional language toward animals leads some to what I believe is probably a whole lot of projection of humanity that's just not there.

Yes, that is so. If the projection helps to protect animals I am not so much against it :) But also, this projection led to the extinction or their endangering. I don't know where but I somewhere read that the white shark suffered a lot of threat from humans after that movie with Roy Scheider came out. And "Moby-Dick" as well might have disturbed the image of the Wales.

I am aware of this and I hope people in general start to be aware of their projections. I sometimes talk to my plants, that gives me a feeling of peace. LOL!

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