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The technology isn't new, but the limiting factor is producing the power to heat the plastics/waste.

Nearly anyone can readily find the materials needed to craft a Fresnel lens, a boiler, and a condenser.

By cheaply being able to convert plastics to oil/fuel, we could hope to achieve a few things. One, we can keep plastics out of the ocean and ground helping to scale back our massive foot print. Two, being able to incentivise the collection of plastics, more people will take an active part. Three, it can used in remote and developing areas that are affected by excess plastic waste. Rural fishing communities would have a way to convert the waste washed ashore into fuel for their fishing vessels, generators, heaters.

While a Fresnel lens could be used on a small scale, other methods do exist for efficiently heating the plastics allowing for larger scale operations.

Commercial plants could convert waste directly back into energy on larger scale set ups. Fishing vessels could use the fuel as an incentive to collect plastic along their route. The fuel could be used to generate electricity allowing hydrogen/oxygen production.

By converting the the plastics back to oil, the carbon footprint is significantly lower than simply burning the plastic.

When the plastic is heated in a non-oxygenated environment, it is converted to a vapor after melting. Condense the vapor, and you now have fuel. It's honestly that simple.

I really believe it's that easy, and the technology already exists. Some people are already using it globally, and there is plenty of documentation. Why are we not utilizing it? Why continue pitching our waste when it's truly valuable. Also, forgive my shoddy drawing. Most artists are eccentric nuts, but not all eccentric nuts are artists.Attach13406_20171221_173845.jpg


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Thanks again, guys.

Hey, this is a great idea! Never thought of it.. What container would you suggest for the melty plastic sludge it'll create?

Thank, Biffy! I was thinking a 55gal drum in the sketch, as I've seen them used for that purpose. Also, it would allow for a large core/medium for heating. The Fresnel lense being the variation from the one's I've seen.

Thanks for the comment, btw. It isn't an entirely original idea, just seems to be largely unknown.

I misread your question. The resulting vapor is condensed into a a diesel like fuel, and can be stored accordingly.

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